Got My Telikom PNG ADSL!

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Whoooo Hooooo, all my Christmases coming in one day. BlackBerry to PNG and just moments ago the friendly Telikom service man walked into my office and installed my ADSL connection.

My speeds have now increased from previously 42 kps to now 100 MB/sec.

Finally all the music I can listen to, all the downloads, all the software, the whole world is now at my finger tips. So what better way to test it out then watching ‘Rick Astley’s’ Never Gonna Give You Up on YouTube.

Thank you Telikom

Update 26/02/09, (around 1am)

Robert has pointed out below in the comments that I may not actually be getting 100MB as shown on my PC status. So as suggested by Alex, I ran a speed test on Below are the results, which makes an important point by Robert that you should always question everything.


Update 26/02/09, (around 9.15am)

The above test was done around 1am this morning. The test below was done today at about 9.15am. Not a huge difference. I’ll try again later at 12pm which I’ve found to be a busy period in Port Moresby.

Another thing to note, I’m also running a wireless hub on my ADSL which is being used by a laptop as well. Just pointing that out as Alex said that this could also effect the speed tests.


Update 26/02/09, (around 12.15pm)

Test results here at 12.55pm.



28 thoughts on “Got My Telikom PNG ADSL!

  1. Hay Bro, Good work,Welcome to the club:-) Now U know what is ADSL heheheheh… much batter than broadband… Anyway just keep in mine about hows much your download bro. Just a head Up. let me know hows he speed. can u go to and go true Brisbane your UP, DOWN and PING pls


  2. E,

    100mbps? Somehow I don’t think that is correct. Run a monitoring tool and observe actual download speeds you get – I’d be interested to hear what you come back to us with.

    One thing folks overlook with broadband/adsl/adsl2 and even with dialup is the thing they call “contention ratio”. Have you been able to find out what your is?

    Mate… my guess is that your average download speeds can still be measured in kbps.

    Although what I write above is correct (I will eat humble pie otherwise) – my motivation for doing so (leaving a comment) is pure “jealousy”….

    See I’m still stuck on shitty dialup here in Goroka.

    Lucky for me though… for the next month I’ll be in Sydney. My bro’s got an ADSL2/wireless setup in his home. I intend to some serious catching up!!


  3. Hey Robert, well that’s what it says on the status, ‘100MB’ whether I’m actually experiencing that I’m not sure. But I think you’re right though. Alex suggested that site.

    Let me check and I’ll get back to you

  4. E,

    My guess is that both speed tests you ran are correct. Your download bps will very depending on the time of day and ultimately how many other folks are on at the same time.

    Contention ratios are a key thing when evaluating higher speed services. Commercial services are able to guarantee relatively low contention rations but when it comes to private usage well it’s another ball game (not necessarily in the interests of the consumer).

    My hunch is that Telikom PNG has now become fixated on rolling out ADSL/broadband (call it what you like) and will do so with ever increasing contention ratios – again to the detriment and ultimate disappointment of the consumer.

    In fact – I’d even go so far as to say that Telikom PNG will stretch the contention ratios well beyond what might be acceptable elsewhere.

    Let me make a prediction (and I will eat humble pie if I’m wrong) – keep an eye on your download speeds and you will notice that as more folks come online – it will slowly drop.

    I must say though that 700kbps plus is pretty cool – but E – that was around midnight – wait till mid-morning and see what you get then. Unfortunately and another guess of mine… once this new service becomes saturated you will probably start to think about getting a dialup connection as a backup (for those busy periods).

    Keep us in the loop mate.


  5. Thanks Rob, your predictions with contention rates could very well come true. It’s happened all over the world and if not regulated appropriately here by PANGTEL (or whatever the proposed new body is) we could face the same issues.

    The only thing saving us from this right now is perhaps that Telikom cannot meet the demand right now. I applied in July in 2008 and I got it in February 2009.

    If and when the service does become saturated, I wonder if it may be useful to have a combination of internet access services from ADSL, Dial Up to a BlackBerry?

    Okay have run another test, this time its around 9am right now. The results are above.

  6. That’s good news. And just how much are you being charged for this service?

    700kbps is respectable… will allow you to stream vids and music without too much of a problem.

    That’s a big jump my friend… from 42 to 700kbps.

    I’ve been working on the promised ‘regulatory toolkit’ post for a week now. It’s alot of research and mess to sort out to present in a semi-intelligible format.

    the ‘100mbps’ you were referring to is the capacity of the cat-5 cable you use to hook up to the modem/router. It’s not a reflection of your actual broadband throughput.

  7. Hey CW, yeah that Cat-5 cable status had me confused initially. In terms of cost that’s where it’s a very grey area. ICCC has not approved pricing for this service yet. So no one is paying for the service. Obviously like everyone else I love that it is sort’ve FREE at the moment. But in the real world how long will that last for?

    It’s also not a good sign of a well regulated ICT industry, so hence my position in my other posts about proper regulations.

    Sounds like you have your work cut out for you in your upcoming post, but the more research needed to tell the story the more essential it appears that the story must be told.

    Look forward to reading you post when its done.

  8. Hi E,

    I made it to Sydney!

    Forget about visiting family and friends!!

    I’m at my Mum’s (she just turned 75) and has just had ADSL2 installed – just ran a test through and get the following:

    Download average: 3702kbps (that’s 3.,7 Mbps!!)
    Upload average: 687kbps

    I think’s she on a AU$25 a month plan which includes a 1Gb download limit per month.

    It’s going to be difficult to head back to PNG shitty dial-up – let me tell you!!


  9. Holy Cow!!!!! 3.7mbps……Holy Hell, how in heavens do we survive without services like that.

    Rob, make the most of it, because I’m not sure Goroka’s hospital will have the facilities to deal with your impending withdrawal symptoms when you get back…

  10. E,

    Over a wireless connection too!!

    Sitting outside in the sunroom – surfing – and listening to the local bird life settle down for the evening.

    Withdrawal symptoms! I’ve only been here for a day!! Did you have to bring that up – wait until I’ve been hear for at least a week.

    I might have to drag myself away shortly and have a couple of sips of that Jack Daniels #7 I picked up duty free last night!


  11. Hay Bro, Hows the weekend ? anyway… just have a look on the today news paper in post, on pages 12!!! is a public notice on ADSL. tariffs your wish comes true. for Good or bad.

    have a nice day bro.

  12. Can you please provide the Data (Internet) Pricing for Digicel PNG?

    The PostPaid bundle plan if any for the DigiModem.

    I want the service but I have to know the pricing first before applying.


    1. Hi Raquel,

      The Digicel Mobile Web Rates are as follows:

      Data Explore – No bundled data, No Monthly Fee, K1.99 per MB outside bundle rate.

      Data Silver – 20MB bundled data, K70 Security Deposit, K35 Monthly Fee, K1.99 per MB outside bundle rate.

      Data Gold – 100MB bundled data, K240 Security Deposit, K120 Monthly Fee, K1.99 per MB outside bundle rate.

      Data Platinum – 500MB bundled data, K600 Security Deposit, K300 Monthly Fee, K1.99 per MB outside bundle rate.

      Data Silver Plus – 1GB bundled data, K1,160 Security Deposit, K580 Monthly Fee, K1.99 per MB outside bundle rate.

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