Facebook Privacy Update

http://tbn2.google.com/images?q=tbn:WnsmOCuSOUlvmM:http://justgiving.files.wordpress.com/2009/01/facebook_logo.jpgFacebook is announcing a new approach that allows users to have a role in determining the policies that govern the site. For more information and links to the groups containing our new draft policies, check out the Facebook Blog.


(See also ‘10 Privacy Settings Every Facebook User Should Know‘)


Solo emailed this scanned image to me this morning:facebook

13 thoughts on “Facebook Privacy Update

  1. Yeh Manu, I am not too sure of the message in the cartoon but it connotes something more like an identity theft. Got it from today’s (27 Feb 2009) The National newspaper and scanned it.

    I suppose it could be that facebook now has virtually everyone’s face who had signed up on facebook and you can just search just about anyone on facebook. I read somewhere that police have also used facebook to look up profiles of crims lol..

    it would be interesting to see what others think of the cartoon

  2. How can these people know which face belongs to them when they go after it?

    after all tis the face that shows our physical uniqueness.

  3. true dat…. u put a face on someone else’s body and u end up getting similar stories/reports such as the latest one shown on A Current Affair where Pauline Hanson’s face is on some other lady’s body…. etc etc… sumone’s been photoshopping MAD-ly! LOL

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