Radio Australia – ‘In the Loop’ interview with Masalai Blog


Wanna give a traipela Tenk Yu to the lovely Isabelle Genoux and our tolai sister Namila Benson of the ‘In the Loop‘ program on Radio Australia. Both took the time to do an interview with me yesterday, which I must admit felt more like I was chatting at a dinner party rather then a phone interview.

I’ll be honest though I was nervous as hell when the phone rang for me to start talking so hope it all makes sense.

Have a listen below on a wonderful video done for me by Michaeline of England. from my interview, I was particularly surprised to learn about Namila Benson and her work in music and radio in Australia. I pinched a write up about her from the ABC site which describes her as:

Hailing from Rabaul, Papua New Guinea, Pacific Break producer and proud Tolai meri Namila Benson is a regular on the music and arts scene in Melbourne. DJing as Sista Selekta, she regularly totes her vast record collection around town; taking her soul, hiphop and global beats from art exhibitions to festivals and everywhere in between.

Namila also presents a weekly radio show on Australia’s largest community radio station, Triple R, and co-presents the live arts and multicultural television show Viva Melbourne. For her, music is the universal language.

Also found a great radio interview of her and PNG artist Airi Ingram which you can listen to here.


19 thoughts on “Radio Australia – ‘In the Loop’ interview with Masalai Blog

  1. sorry…SINCE I DON’T HAVE ADSL…I can’t ‘stream’ and listen to the interview :{

    But congratulations….!!

    I fill in an application on Monday!

  2. No surprise ABC radio Australia showed interests in your blog. I find contents on your blog interesting mainly because it concerns recent issues affecting PNG and other useful information.

    Its good to have such inform up to date post from back home, especially when your not there to see or hear whats going on.

    Congratulations and keep the good work up.

    New Zealand

  3. Sorry Manu am not on Facebook, not into social networking. But am glad you developed RokRok Music. By the way George Telek is in Auckland right now for a performance. Not too sure when his playing but will give you the low down when I get some information.

  4. well of course ‘me’, and that’s exactly why the person was mentioned. That person has actually influenced quite allot of what I have done over the years.

  5. Hey Manu,

    I’ve been so busy I didn’t get a chance to congratulate you too!

    It looks like the busiest weeks have gone and I should have more time now to concentrate on the Blog. But you’re right! We spend a lot of time on our blogs for not much return – in monetary terms. I’ve been looking into ways too at how to squeeze a little bit of Kina out of it. Let me know what you come with.

    I also was interviewed by ‘In the Loop’ last week – but just had the time to write a piece on it! It’s about the Bilum issue so have a listen.


  6. Thanks T, yeah we’re gonna have to work out some bills for our skills soon..Yeah was actually wondering about your interview, will check your blog for it to have a listen.

    But definitely a big congratulations to you for bringing out that ‘bilum’ piece which is not surprising that it caught Radio Australia’s attention. I hope we can get their side (Bilum firm) of the story to hear what they have to say.

  7. Hey Manu and T, you guys rock. Used to be an avid follow of your blogs and that has really inspired me to create the bemobilecup. Was not really keen inot blogging at first but now I feel I’m kinda addicted.

    Thanks guys.

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