2 thoughts on “200 Boards for Surfing in PNG

  1. Emmanuel,

    I hope these boards will get distributed around the country fairly and don’t end up staying in just one place, i.e. NCD.

    I don’t mean to criticise the folks living in Australia, but I would like to point out that such initiatives (all credit to Said Metwalli) could easily be initiated by PNGeans living in Australia.

    The more I think about the obligations of PNGeans living overseas, the more I come to the conclusion that we are not at all fulfilling our potential to “give back” what made us who we are.

    I’m seriously thinking of starting an NGO that caters for PNGeans living overseas who are willing to give back to our country – I do believe its a necessity and I don’t understand why we are not doing so. It doesn’t have to be BIG, it can be small – just like 200 surf-boards.


  2. Thanks T and you can be assured that the boards did go beyond NCD. I know the SAPNG well and I go down to Sero Surf Club from time to time so no problems there.

    But you have a good point there about giving back. There are so many area’s in PNG that need help though so what area would you focus on?

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