Approval of Telikom ADSL Rates

By Emmanuel Narokobi

After my bouncing off the ceilings last week when I got my ADSL, reality give me a big slap today. ICCC have announced that they have finally approved pricing for the ADSL service as of the 9th of Feb, 2009. So all my hopes of using it during the free period have no washed away with the heavy rains of late in Port Moresby.

Okay I’m gonna take a DEEP breath and go see Telikom as to how much all this is gonna cost me. Rob’s in Sydney right now and he’s  reported that he’s on his Mum’s ADSL2 which has a 2Gb plan at the cost of AU$30 per month or approximately K70 per month.

I wonder how much Telikom will charge me for their 700kbps service?



8 thoughts on “Approval of Telikom ADSL Rates

  1. E,

    Papua New Guinea would have to be one of the few if not only places in the world where a service/product is launched and given to the public/consumer without pricing being determined upfront.


  2. Bro, Land of the unexpected is old….back in the sixty, we in the 21 century. Try this one!!! PNG stand for what? Promise No Guarantee ….la….

    have a nice day bro:-)


  3. Hmmmmm,

    Ok, I don’t mean to rub a bone in your face Rob & Emmanuel – but I thought I’d share my internet connection stats so we can better place Telekom’s pricing plan in PNG.

    Rob, I think you better take your mum shopping for a better ADSL plan. I’m on an 80GB ADSL plan @ 1 Mbps which costs roughly AU$70 per month. We shopped the market and that was by far the best plan in regards to download space – it’s unbeatable.


  4. Tavurvur,

    Not sure where learnt your Maths my dear blogging mate but…

    Mum’s on a ADSL 2 plan which gives her (based on contention ratios and physical distance from exchange) an average download rate of just under 4mbs. Although her plan only allows for 5gbs download per months – this is ample for her email, browsing and other needs.

    I just confirmed with her (she sitting right next to me) that she pays AU$40 a month. This also includes an ENGIN box which allows her do VoIP calls (free to other ENGIN boxes) and highly discounted rates to other numbers.

    If you can give me a good reason (once you revise your Maths) to go shopping I will gladly hold Mum’s hand and go looking.

    If it’s the 80Gb download that has your eyes – then you need to remember that not all folks sit there hour after hour and day after day downloading “stuff”.

    Over to the “against’s”….


  5. Lol,

    Rob, I don’t sit there hour after hour and day after day downloading “stuff”. That title easily goes to my house mate who seems to score the latest movies months in advance of their release to our part of the world.

    The other house mate loves the “online Poker” – so when it comes to being a download freak, Tavurvur is “minus square one”! BUT, we do also have the equivalent of your mum’s ENGIN box with our ISP.

    As to 4Mbps – well, we are somewhat beaten in that regard. Although, If I was to cut off everybody else’s internet connection in this house, it would jump up to just over 4Mbps. Something to do with having seperate internet connections from the house to the server- I’m not too sure how it works exactly.

    I’m just happy with my 1Mbps because I remember how painful PNG internet was.


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