Calculating to Minus Square One

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Allot has been said about Powes Parkop’s stand against public betelnut sales. You can read some good fiery arguements from Ab Absurdo here. The pro’s and con’s and methods can all be argued but one thing that we cannot argue about is the cost of this whole betelnut mess.

Mr. Parkop laid out the monthly and annual figures today in the Post Courier. Hell, if money talks  I’m certainly listening:

  • K79,925 on cleaning our city markets. That’s K959,100 per year.
  • K53,308.75 on cleaning settlement waste even though many do not pay garbage rates. That’s K627,705 per year.
  • K26,640 on collecting school waste. That is a total of K319,680.00 per year.
  • K85,458 on domestic waste collection. That’s K1,025,495 per year
  • K16,650 on sanitary/septic waste collection in settlements and some parts of our city. That’s K199,800 per year
  • K46,295.88 on commercial and industrial waste collection. That’s K555,550.56 per year
  • K10,656 on collection of medical waste. That’s K127,872 per year
  • K42,360 on operating Baruni Dump. That’s K508,320 per year

So red toothed City Slickers, our wonderfully generous NCDC spends more than K430,315.63 per month on cleaning our filth and collecting our waste. That’s an annual expenditure of over K4 million just on cleaning up all our crap.

As Parkop concluded,

“This money could be better spent on better things for our city and our people such as schools, clinics, street lights, upgrading and sealing roads, better parks and gardens, recreatiobal and sporting facilities, better markets, etc.

In the public places and markets, it is a never ending task. We clean them up in the morning and by the afternoon it goes back to square one or even minus square one…

Now what I’d like to see are calculations as to what percentage of the overall rubbish is contributed to by betelnut consumption and sales in public places.

7 thoughts on “Calculating to Minus Square One

  1. Manu it irritates me when betelnut chewers try to justify betelnut chewing as a customary practice. The point Mr. Parkop and the rational city residents are making is not about the symbolic or cultural significance and history of the nut but the filthiness of the city when inconsiderate human beings disgorge their waste and spittle recklessly without due regard to health effects such as TB, mouth cancer and rubbish all over the public places.

    I wish everyone could think along the same line as Powes Parkop. And while the Buai Ban is on I look out of my office and see educated PNGians defying lawful authority by buying betelnut outside Mogoru Motu bldg, Eda Rumana Bldg, Pacific MMI Bldg, Deloittes Tower, Pacific Place and BSP Bldg thus encouraging the illegal street vendors and spitting the walkways, shop fronts, office walls etc. like nobody’s business.

    Yes, we have a huge ATTITUDE problem and there needs to be a campaign against our regressive attitude as well.

  2. Why not ban the Mustard and Lime and leave the Betelnut?

    Offenders will be easily recognised – i.e red mouths.

    Perfectly fine with me, i only chew buai 🙂


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