Corporate Va’a Challenge Paddling Year Starts 21st March, 2009!

When: Saturday, 21 March 09

Where: Ela Beach

Time: 6.45am – 11.30am


Va’a is the sport of outrigger canoe club racing, the contemporary sibling of our traditional canoes. While the outrigger canoe is not new to Papua New Guinea, the sport of club racing is and Konedobu Kanu Klab (3K) looks forward to sharing the passion for our sport with you and your colleagues on Saturday 21 March 2009 at Ela Beach.


The Challenge is to paddle a 250kg 6 person canoe across a 300m long course. All you have to do is find 5 enthusiastic colleagues, two of which have to be of the opposite sex, and you must all be able to swim. We will provide you a steerer and 2 complimentary training sessions before the Challenge (highly recommended!!)


Go ahead and sign up for the Challenge! Read the Regeo form, and if agreeable, sign and fax it to our Treasurer, Stuart Smith at 322 0834 or email it to 3K. Payment methods of your K500 (per crew of 5) registration fee can be found at the bottom of the Regeo form. Training sessions will run each weekday from Monday 9 March to Friday 20 March, with two optional sessions per day: 5.45am-7am or 5.30pm-6.45pm. Once you have registered, we will send you an Info pack and confirm your training times at the Royal Papua Yacht Club. This is an alcohol-free event and chewing of buai will also be restricted.

Contact Us

For further information, including registration, email 3K at or phone our Secretary, Lydia on 7248 9197. The earlier you register, the sooner you move toward paddling, and ultimately corporate greatness!



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