The Socialista interviews Jeffery Feeger

The Solialista has a nice spotlight peice on Jeffery Feeger, our PNG artist in residence in Auckland. Here’s an excerpt on her interview:

Artist Spotlight: A short Q&A with Jeffry Feeger

Jeffry Feeger is a promising 26 year old Papua New Guinean artist who’s art ventures away from the “naïve art” which is typically associated with PNG . Of Kerema and German parentage, he has been growing and developing his skills as an artist while making a living. He recently won the Tautai Pacific Artist residency in Auckland. I was fortunate enough to meet him and later contacted him to ask if I could use his pictures for an artist profile. I later changed my mind and decided to do a small Q&A section instead and Jeffry was kind enough to grant me my request.

First of all CONGRATULATIONS for winning the Tautai Residency (I know I am super late with the congratulations).

Is this your first international learning excursion (if I could call it that) specifically for art? Yes

Did you have any expectations/fears/reservations when you got into Auckland?
I really did not know what to expect, so that made me a bit anxious, but I had been advised it was like going from one pacific island to another, and that I was to be treated well. I had always known NZ people to be very friendly and understanding anyway.

Read the full article here:

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