PNG Music Awards, 2009 a big night on Saturday for the 2009 PNG Music Awards. I’ve been to several concerts in Port Moresby now, but this was the first time I’d been where the line up stretched up the road and everyone had begun lining up like around 7pm.

At all the other concerts I’d been to, people only started rocking up at 10pm so I wasn’t too sure what made tonight different. Was it because it was a Yumi FM pushed event, maybe because the tickets were only K25 or maybe it was the lineup that Yumi FM listeners have been growing familiar with over the last couple of months. Whatever it was it certainly drew a crowd.

The line up for the night: Toniq, Straky, the UPNG Cultural performers, Karseans, Texas Allen, Owa Unit, the popular Skwatas and our Solomon Island singers, Sisiva.

Here are some pics from the night, you can see more here.

Line up for PNG Music Awards by you.

Straky by you.
Michael - Toniq Band by you.
UPNG Cultural Performers by you.
Sisiva by you.

17 thoughts on “PNG Music Awards, 2009

  1. would be interested to know what impression the Sisiva crew had of their experience in PNG?

    lol..not for any reason, but being a die-hard fan of Melanesian music in general! youtube and all that….

  2. I interested with sisiva singer bacause they spirit and have self confidence for sing. You are representatif melanesia women. Next your action

    1. I konow I have to visit the solomon island to visit them.But I dont know anybody there.I am trying to make friend so I wont have any accomodation problem.I am willing to pay to stay with a local familly in order to mingle with people instead of being bored in expensive hotel.
      I need the email contact or phone number of SISIVA manager as soon as possible.If you read this message please help.
      Thank you 1

  3. I’am a hardcore die hard of sisiva band and desperately would like to visit Solomon Island but due to work commitments I think I will never visit, but accidentally if go, it will be an Island of no return for me.
    I would like to ask one of the band members to contact me ASAP when Iam still available on this earth.

    Joe Kua.

  4. I am interested to know if there’s any Concerts coming up in May 2010 at the Country Club..
    Souths Lewa. sunshine Coast, Australia

  5. It’s looks like the manager of the group sisiva is out of tune ! We could plan a tour in usa for that fantastic band.

  6. Hello there! I am from Europe, love so much Sisiva music, but it is extremely hard to find anything about them here. Can somebody tell me the names of their albums and whether they can be bought online? I have lived some time in Southern Pacific, but right now I just cannot go for a trip to Solomons to hear this fantastic group singing, so just searching their music now … anybody any idea?


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