PukPuks fire

By Emmanuel Narokobi


A short but successfully sweet tour for our PNG Rugby Union team. Coach Billy Rapilla should be commended on a 3 game win 2 game win and 1 loss in Queensland. Rapilla said that the boys were still finding their feet as a team and the matches showed that there was still work to be done leading up to the FORU (Federation of Oceania Rugby Unions) Cup later in the year.

They get back today from Brisbane, so if you’re a fan head on down to the airport to say hi to them.

April 4
7:00pm Pupuks VS Stingrays Win: 29-27

April 6
7:00pm Pukpuks VS Redlands “Muddies” Win: 33-6

April 8
7:00pm Pukpuks VS North/QUT Lost: 62-5

Update: 13/5/09

Read an article on this trip here


5 thoughts on “PukPuks fire

  1. If anyone has any doubts about the commitment the Pukpuks have made to qualifying for the 2011 World Cup then…. come and see me and I’ll put you straight about why Billy and Kevin and Raol and the team are going to get PNG to the first ever World Cup.

    Iain the Scotsman who is passionate about getting the Pukpuks to stop smiling and start growling!

  2. Thanks Iain, we need to show something soon for all the attempts we’ve been making over the last 10 years. I love my rugby and I want to be proud of a major win sooner rather than later…

  3. Some interesting reading. The problem you all have and this is coming from first hand experience having played for PNG in 88 with Billy Rapilla in Australia, you can the most committed man in charge, as was the case with my father Bill Burgess. He started the school boy rugby union in PNG as he was so passionate about the game. He started of the leagues and took teams overseas to tour. Having coached Royals and Telkom to league champions he was regarded as one of the best. However unless you get the total commitment from the “heads” so to speak you will never go further. Money is being given to these people to promote the grass roots level and at senior level. But then you get the “heads” spending it or allocating it in the wrong way you are always going to have an uphill struggle. Billy was a fine player and a great friend of mine. I am sure he has the will to make the PNG team a success. Just be careful of the people who surround him, who want their five minutes of expat success without actually putting in the effort or real support. I wish the PNG team all the success in the world. I really do as my family have so many memories of the great PNG.

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