Deni Hines to pay us a visit in May

Update: 29/05/09

Judith Elaijah of Market 2000 beaming her smile with Deni Hines.


Now that PNG (well Port Moresby) has seen Christine Anu, Deni Hines will be following her sister to pay us a visit as well. Operation Open Heart will be holding a fundraising dinner on the 23rd May, at the Palazzo Restaurant where you can meet Deni. If you want to just see Deni sing, then you can attend the Balcony Party as well on the night.

How much?

  • Charity Dinner, K500 – 3 course meal, drinks and you get to personally meet Deni.
  • Balcony Party, K200 – finger food and 2 drinks free.

For More details contact  SUE ASIBA or JACQUIE SIMONS – Ph: 323 2333 FX: 323 2444


5 thoughts on “Deni Hines to pay us a visit in May

  1. One time, Deni Hines married to a white man! Holy Versluis! (Note: Versluis is the truck driver has ancestors are black and white!)

  2. This Versluis is Laurence Herman “Gus” Versluis (his 9th great-grandmother was black and his 9th great-grandmother was white.)

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