Forum for Housing Crises in NCD

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Most people may have already come across and signed the petition by Desmond Yaninen regrading the housing crises in NCD. You can read about it all here.

So just an update on the situation, here’s an excerpt from Desmond:

Thanks for your emails. You’ve made several vital suggestions that I much appreciate and welcome. In my email I called for volunteers to come forward to we could organize a committee to address this issue. Three weeks ago, the first volunteers came forward and the committee was established. We’ve been working with Governor Parkop now for the last 2 weeks now to organize a public forum on this issue. It was initially scheduled for yesterday at the John Guise indoor complex but due to the short notice, we’ve had to postpone. We’ve planned for an attendance of about 5000 citizens. We are continuing to liaise with the Sports Foundation for an appropriate date.

Our Governor has already thrown his support behind the movement and is keen to bring up this issue on the floor of Parliament. Together with all the other stake holders, we should be able to arrive at a win-win situation for us all.

We will issue a public statement on our committee’s progress once everything is finalized.

May our people win!



6 thoughts on “Forum for Housing Crises in NCD

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