Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl

fwv_logoThe hot new label Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl is a recording label looking to release fresh new music to the PNG and Pacific market and is PNG owned and set to release fresh alternate music to the local market.

Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl is run by PNG’s own DJ/ Producer Allen Kedea also known as akay47. The young producer has been hard at work recording and making fresh beats in PNG for the last 12 months while DJing around the country with Rage magazine.

Akay47 was the producer behind Massive Sound System and the ONE Motu Koita Youth Music competition held in 2008. He has 3 new albums coming out with 3 different labels which he has recorded while in PNG. The rest is the best of 2008 Grand Finalists from the ONE Youth Music Competition. Second is the new Cornerstone album which akay47 produced for CHM, and the third is the self titled album for Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl.

The new Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl album features PNG artists as well as singers and rappers from Australia and the UK. akay47 has produced all the music for this new album making it digestable for the local market while trying to introduce a fresh new taste. The firstt album of the rank is titled, Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl (Vol.1) and features hot new artists such as, Bemu Kidu, Animal Audio, Sentanaya, Ugly-B from twin tribe as well as a special feature from the experienced local singer Lista Laka & David Kedea. J-Lee and Jagga also make special appearances as well as the lyrically talented PNG rapper G-Dok.

Keep an ear and eye out for Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl album which is set to release it’s first single to local radio stations in the next couple of weeks.

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17 thoughts on “Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl

  1. This album falls below expectation, at least so far, I was really hoping this would make the big break that PNG music needed to get into mainstream but it didn’t. The problem here is that the hype surrounded the names and not the actual product. Listening to the reverbing of the voices and how they reverb the “highs” of the song and makes it sound “tingy” and how the overall sound does not pan wide enough to make the listener feel like the music is BIG. I’m not sure about some of the words because I dont really understand what the singers sing about, but the voice talents are good, I mean the whole album roster is DRIPPING with talent! but thats just my opinion anyways good effort nonetheless all the best in the promotion and sales. Laters

  2. I’m confused…have you heard the new album? i thought there was only 1 track out on the radio right now…sure you don’t mean the Massive Sound System album?

  3. Well, its been a few months since i posted on this blog…now after having the chance to actually sit down and listen to the song again in my hi def headphones…it just confirms what I’ve been saying…the mixing is horrible…the instrumental harmony is not there…catchy tune…but thats about it…i dont really understand the language since I’m not from PNG, but listening to it…I really do hope that the next single is a step up and is an improvement…

  4. Sup Soxx…what does my age have to do with anything? If you really must know I am 21 years old…I have been a musician since 6…self taught… I have worked as a “ghost producer” for a number of artists in New Zealand for Dawnraid…a couple of artists in Cook Islands…I mostly do rap beats… sometimes i do wonder into church music..so Soxx I hope that answers your question…but Emmanuel, I live in New Zealand and my cousin who studies at PAU sends me the music and so I’ll be waiting on him for the next single from this Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl…not to seem like I’m promoting myself…but just in case some of you who are reading may be thinking “Does this guy even do music?”…or you may be wondering if I know what I’m talking about…well just ask and I’ll provide a sample…but yeah…when I get around to listening to the 2nd track we’ll have something to talk about…ok PNG…keep it sweet…sweet azz…:D

  5. Ofa the Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl album has not been released yet and you’re not listing what songs you are referring to?

    So its a bit difficult to understand/accept/dispute your critical comments in respects to the tracks you’re discussing.

  6. Good Morning PNG…@ Emmanuel…well its my mistake…someone told me that the album was out…and I thought it to be true and they gave me a few songs that I have no idea what their names were and I just thought that it was from this Fuzzy Wuzzy Vinyl album…which…now that you have clarified it…is not…or I don’t know…but judging from this Kudougu single… the first single of ANY album should give the main direction the song is headed in…the mixing…the vocal effects…the creativity…should be put out on the FIRST single…and listening to Kudougu…the rough mixing…the scruffy background noise…(its like the music was rendered back from a vinyl (like the pros do it) but the people that did it didnt do it properly) and all that…but yes…i can see where you’re coming from Emmanuel…my apologies…but I’ll be getting the 2nd single soon…and I will get back to you then…well hope all is well…cool bananas…:D:D

  7. Thanks Ofa, you have some good points regarding the technicalities of recording there and as I understand it the tracks given to the radio station were not mastered hence validating your point.

    But at the end of the day, I guess whether it is a popular song or not becomes more important.

    On the radio stations here the Kudougu track has gone to number 1, against artists such as Sean Kingston and Akon, so what’s more important is that artists are getting their hits out there and then people such as yourself can work on the cleaning up to make the music more internationally acceptable later on.

    Because with so much talent out here (and anywhere really0, if people spent too much time worrying about the finer details of audio presentation then we wouldn’t get the music out because it would take so long and production costs would be 3-4 times more.

    But good points to note though on production quality.

  8. All in all… AKFOUR7 your doing us proud with your off the hook music. PNG needed someone to think outta the box and you broke tradition and bearers, you’re not only uniting a nation but you’re unifying the generations bratha. Your making people believe in their talents and cheers to you and your music and the crew behind your work, I know teh artist you work with appreciate what you do. Because of you I bought my kids Keyboards just because I want them to have the opportunity learn about music. If luckily they become successful through music then empower them I will.

    Can’t wait for the new tracks, and from what I hear it could be out very soon. Congratulations also to Emmanuel and Masalai for ensuring this music to brought to the world to judge and yes we will have critics, people like “OFA”. But that’s okay as without these type of people our music wont get the full compliment from all angles of society especially if we want to have airplay overseas. But like one of the most popular artist in the world once said “I find that the very thing that I get criticized for, which is usually different and just doing my own thing and just being original, is the very thing that’s making me successful”

    Good luck with what your doing.


  9. @J-GiiG…yes I only hope the best for PNG music…put it in simple terms…you guys can…but you would have to step it up a notch…and AK47 has probably started a trend…now the only thing left is to hope it comes out like its supposed to…like Emmanuel suggested…the Kudougu song came out without mastering…so that explains the messy sound…but other than that…its good…and congratulations to AK47 for making an impact in this individuals life…
    @Emmanuel…well music comes and goes…put it this way…yes…the music will come…but the question lies in the concept of…quality or quantity…example…Akon and T-Pain…they’re so popular…but they’ve featured in so many songs they’re slowly getting burned out of peoples ears…they didn’t space their songs out to give people a chance to breath from their style…example Dr. Dre…he spaces his songs out..(his album Detox is probably too spaced…lolz)…and everytime he touches an artist they turn to gold…P-Money and Scribe…one album…a space of 2 years…so its just a matter of developing the mindframe of quality vs quantity….and AK47 has done that…and its good…but making sure that when you come back out into the spotlight…you come out hard…if not you flop…eg: Scribe on his Rhyme Book album release…i can give you an example of my own…Emmanuel, can you give me an email address so I can send you a sample…I don’t want to be posting it here in case people think I’m doing all this to promote myself…anyways…get at me if you need to know…lolz…but good on you PNG music…keep it moving…:D

  10. Hehe…good looking PNG…just listened in to that So Sexy song…my cousin just sent it in like literally 2 minutes ago…and Im listening to it while typing this…and I must say…yes…it is a big step up…like skipped 4 steps up… and yes…that is much better from AK47…but not the step up that I was hoping for…i mean c’mon…you’re looking to crack Australia with that song???!!…or even come out here to New Zealand with that song?!?!…i mean seriously…but its a really good song compared to the first… im not hating…its just that I thought PNG could stop this tendency to go for the tropical sound and typical sounding song…with the little electric toms going off after the beat and all that…i mean…c’mon…what barriers and traditions did this guy break!??!…this is the same sound you can hear from this other guy Justin Wellington or Tribal Twins…its nothing special but it gets the job done…nothing wrong with it, but if you’re looking to break into the big market…you need something that’ll fit in the market…and this G-Dok guy…he has improved a bit from the Massive Sound System days…lolz…so he should be more of a reggae rapper…not a lyrcist…but yeah altogether good sounds but too typical for my likes…maybe if you guys were looking to get this song into the PNG scene…yes, it is effective…but elsewhere…uuuhhhh…i dunno…but its good coz it seems like the tracks are improving…so just waiting on the next track and see how it goes…will have to wait for the wav file to come through though coz Im listening to mp3 radio rip…so i’ll get at you Emmanuel with the production side of things…you’ll notice im only commenting on the sound and genre…but good lookn’ PNG…keep in touch…:D….

  11. Sup Sal, where you from? If you’re from PNG then you should have easy access…but I can’t give out the copies that I have because I promised my cousin that it doesn’t get out because its for listening and review purposes ONLY…I’m all the way out in Aotearoa…lolz…anyways…you can see my opinions about things above…:D…

  12. AK47 is doing fine.Just an observation.The music is too noisy, and heavily clipped resulting in distortion. bt m still a fan.

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