X’Cess – Telikom’s Fixed Wireless Service

By Emmanuel Narokobi

xcess-fwSo good one Telikom, here comes more fire to the wireless revolution. The portable wireless fixed line phone. Just like a landline, but only wireless.

– Telephony
– Internet Access.
– Facsimile

xcess2Handset features
– Caller ID display.
– 2 way SMS capability (coming soon).
– Polyphonic Ringtone.
– Speaker phone for hands free operation.
– Phone book.
– Bright back light LCD.
– Keypad backlight.
– Backup Ni-MH battery.

Download the Flyer Here

Update: 6/7/09

A Jessie Dulume (Wholesale Sales, Telikom PNG Ltd Ph: 300 5511 Fax: 325 0513) is selling the Telikom fixed wireless phone.

So if you have not already purchased the Telikom fixed wireless phone or “Excess” phone, and would like to purchase one, send an email to Jessie Dulume – jrdulume@telikompng.com.pg. Download the application form here, which needs to be completed.  The cost of the handset is only K55.00.  Please also include your location/suburb (i.e., where the phone will be located permanently) so that she can have her team program the phone and have the handset ready for you when you pick it up.

Once you have completed the form call Jessie on 300 5511 and simply bring the completed form with the money (K55.00) to her.  You can arrange a time to meet with her at Telikom Rumana to collect your handset.



47 thoughts on “X’Cess – Telikom’s Fixed Wireless Service

  1. dat’s great…………I wonder if it is actually available in the local market..might be 2 yrs 4rom now….knowin telikom it’s almost 3 months now and am still waiting for my rait prepaid phone……………if only they’er as effect and efficient as how the flyer coveys………..gud one telikom!

  2. Just read in the post (wednesday 3rd June) that Telikom will be deploying the first Mobile WiMAX network in Papua New Guinea. Thats impressive considering how new and advance the technology is….am talking wireless broadband connection whilst being mobile.

    Check out this site for more on the beauty of WiMax http://www.wimax.com/education

    On a different note; you see what competition can do, it brings out the best from organisations and at the end, the customers will clam victory!

  3. Thanks Carlos that’s great news. I knew it was going to happen sooner or later. Would be interesting to hear what the ISP’s think about it though?

  4. Hey guys, can any of you tell me how far out the coverage in Moresby goes? Will x’cess work in Bomana, for instance?

    Also, does the internet connection work like ADSL (always on) or is it like dial-up (charged by the minute)? Ta.

  5. HI Martin, from the coverage maps that I saw at a Telikom presentation the coverage does go out to Bomana.

    Not sure about the internet though…

  6. Interesting. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll have to enquire about the internet. What bugs me is that the Telikom website has a large banner ad for X’cess, but no information whatsoever about coverage, internet costs, etc.

    They really need to lift their game! How about a coverage map, info on the internet access (I believe it’s about 1 Mb /sec, which is similar to ADSL1, but what does it cost….?) and so forth.

    – Martin

  7. Yeah Martin, I’ve raised that with them and I’m still waiting for them to get me those maps so I can put it up on the blog. But sorry no luck yet, will let you know if and when I do get them.

  8. Very interested to know about the ‘X’cess wireless service.

    It may be expensive to roll out its installations but its worth doing it to give a tough competition to its rival Digicel with its web mobile.

    I suggest its best to install in every centres to cater for its coverage to be every where.

    Will this service have its own ISP for internet services or will the customer use the existing ISP?

  9. Hi Joe,

    The phones all come with a USB connection at the back for internet. So you will access the internet through Telikom, as they plan to become an ISP as well.

    I have a friend who is already using it on his phone so it all works. Its still in testing but will be ready by September if I heard correctly.

  10. I have gotten myself one of those little wireless dongle on a 100mb plan on 512kbps at K84/month from Telikom. I live out at Moitaka and have been using it since.

    It’s very convenient esp. when you need to have access to high speed broadband internet in places where phone cables don’t exist. This little dongle thing came with a SIM card that is inserted into it and I am billed monthly.

    From what I understand, this WiMax technology has a radius of about 50km – 250km on a flat line of sight. Current ISPs are in trouble if the public knows of what Telikom is offering.

  11. A little birdie told me that Optus is applying to set-up in the Pacific and targeting Papua New Guinea also.

    We made have another mobile company soon.

  12. I’m still not satisfied! 2 weeks after using TELIKOM’s X’CESS Internet, II CAN”T GET ACCESSED ANYMORE!!! =(

  13. Does any one knows what charges are on Easy Wireless…? I was tolled by telikom guys that it is T40. To check for yourself what really is going on is impossible since telikom desibled credit checking. Grate move isn’t it! our beloved Telikom! “we are there, but not here”

  14. So I hear the Alvarion/Telikom’s WiMax system is up and running (test phase atm). I had a peek at the pricing and found that it is quite similar to Telikom’s ADSL pricing. With a total download of 42 gigabytes for the entire year at nearly K12,000. I’ve also heard that the new WiMax is blistering fast compared to the current lag ridden ADSL however K1,000 for 3.5 gigs/month will not guarantee that you may have a heart attack type bill at the end of the month since Telikom will also charge for access as if it were a dial up system. Which countries still operate like this? I don’t see how it is that much of a step forward.
    It is not uncommon to see/hear about people with internet bills of over K20,000. I truly do not see how a utility bill that is pricier than premium residential rental rates can be legitamately justified. I can appreciate that the market is small, so small in fact that less than 2% of the nation has access to the internet, but wouldn’t that be a result of the pricing?!?!? Telikom is a GOVERNMENT owned entity, where the tax payers had come up with the money that enabled them to even start in the first place. Now they are billing carelessly in order to make “their” capital back at record setting ROI. How about doubling the user base and halving the bill? or at least have more bandwidth available for a higher price, the variable cost is sneaky and have many people scared…what about a net cap like other countries??
    Thanks for reading my novel

  15. ’bout my x-cess internet… I uninstalled the PC manager and want to intall it back but my laptop can’t able to access the USB Modem. What should I do? thanks

  16. Iam a first year studying electrical and communication and am looking for sponsership,if company could help me.your terms and conditions will be obeyed.sir,thank you very much.

  17. i am trying to connect to and browse the internet. however when i type my username, password and dial #777 and this message pops up: Checking network protocol connection. TCP/IP CP reported Error 736. Remote computer terminated Control Protocol.

    need assistance


      1. Hmm, there’s not much else to set. Are we talking about an EVDO modem here? Have the connection preference set to “Hybrid” or “EVDO + 1X”. Or are you using a Xcess phone? I haven’t had much experience with these – in fact, none at all in accessing the internet through them.

  18. And does anyone here have any idea whether we are likely to see any change in the cost of data in PNG? 20t / Mb is better than the 40t we were paying a year ago, but it’s still pretty exorbitant by world standards. Is there enough competition? Is it a question of the bandwith available into and out of the country? I’d love to hear info from anyone who actually knows about such things.

  19. does anyone knows the APN for telinet usb modem? i have been hunting for driver for Mac OS X but failed, so i bought a Aztech HW550-3G wifi modem, thinking i can use, but it ask for APN which i dun have.

  20. 1. I need APN. Access point network. Not the username
    2. The link to your driver for mac is down, previously I downloaded it and it appears to be windows driver. I need driver for Mac OS X 10.6, the one available is for lower which I dun think these machines still exist.
    3. Email to customer care, I send tons of email but no reply.

  21. The xcess service is working well here in Manus but I’m not able to access my gmail account using it – I’ve tried both Chrome & IE browsers. Any ideas?

  22. I have recently over written a spanking new MacBook Pro OSX installation with the latest Ubuntu Linux flavour and got the telikom dongle working like a breeze. Let me know if you need a solution

    1. Hi Lised, how did you get Ubuntu get working with the telikom dongle? I’m running Ubuntu 12.04 and the network-manager keeps asking for the APN

      1. in Ubuntu the modem will appear as a New Mobile Broadband Connection, which you click under the Network Manager icon (near the clock). You only have to put in you username (3483123@telinet.net.pg) and password. IP and PPP setting’s remain as default. You should set MTU to 1024 for better Facebook and gmail connectivity.

  23. alex, the device under linux shows as

    Device 008: ID 1e0e:cefe Qualcomm / Option

    no other drivers are needed under ubuntu desktop maverick. it works out of the box.. i’m using it now from the mac under linux, because telikompng don’t have a solutions for Mac users yet.

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