Jeffery Feeger Paintings @ ‘Opim Eye’


Find attached are my latest paintings that sold out during the recent ‘Opim eye’ PNG contemporary art Exhibition. Images are of people going about living in the urban squatter settlements of Port Moresby. The red paint dripping is presented as bettlenut spittle which can be found all over the city. It can also be seen as blood as this is a reflection of desperation. I’ve also introduced a lot more texture and the color black into the works, this has brought about a new gritty, course feel to the peices, which all help to emphasize the atmosphere of the enviroment.

The work is a progression from the City of fences picture kutcha and the black ink self portraits i did while in Auckland on my residency. I’ve also continued to included text, and written the thoughts of the people in the portraits. They are just some of the concerns people have while going about their daily lives.

Jeffry Feeger
PNG Contemporary Visual Artist
P.O Box 6896, Boroko, NCD, PNG
Ph: (675) 72670912

pinim skul pi copy

Kisim wara we copy

Mi laik pilai copy

pilim hangere copy

4 thoughts on “Jeffery Feeger Paintings @ ‘Opim Eye’

  1. Jeffrey….many many congratuations on such a successful exhibition. The art is stunning and poignant and you help the viewer to understand it so well….to see meaning in both the painterly techniques and the subject content. Sorry I could not have been at the opening…

  2. WOW!

    Stunning paintings.

    Captures the true plight of our people at this point in time.

    Anyone with half a sense for appreciation of arts will be moved into action by this set of paintings.

    Warm congratulations to the artist. Job well done!

  3. Congrats Jeff! great work!you’re and inspiration for young artists with and abroad Papua New Guinea. Best wishes to you.. 🙂

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