Aussie Rules kicks a goal in PNG

In this special episode of Pacific Pulse, Tania Nugent joins the Australian Football League’s first tour to Papua New Guinea as a team of young indigenous Australian teenagers, the Flying Boomerangs, take on the PNG Under 18 team, the Kapundas.  It’s about promoting Aussie rules football in PNG, where the game is increasingly popular in spite of the dominance of rugby.  But it’s also about much more than football, using the sport as an appealing tool to teach leadership to young men, not just in sport, but for life.

Pacific Pulse will be broadcast across the Pacific in the following time zones:

Samoa                           22:20 on Sat 30th May

Cook Islands              23:20 on Sat 30th May

PNG                             19:20 on Sun 31st May

Solomon Islands   20:20 on Sun 31st May

Vanuatu                    20:20 on Sun 31st May

Fiji                                21:20 on Sun31st May

You can also see Pacific Pulse online with extra footage, story transcripts and Tania and Clement’s blog at:


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