Another Election Documentary

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Okay this is getting a bit crazy, but yes we’ve got yet another documentary here now about the 2007 elections. This time its in French, called ‘Reviens demain‘ or ‘Come Back Tomorrow‘.

The two links here and here about the movie are in french, but thanks to Google Translate, I’ve been able to make out this much about the documentary:

“A film by Eytan Kapon and Andre Iteanu…Seven years after the filming of “Letters to the dead”, this project revives our three characters on another key issue, politics. The campaign revives old rivalries between the three childhood friends, who have chosen different paths.

The lawyer and the priest had decided to stand for the 2007 elections, while the traditionalist grapples with the global economy as he is in possession of a tidy sum of money and he wants to go into business. Andre Iteanu tells the story of ambitions trying to make sense of troubled times in their lives and in which their questions echo ours. For them politics is not a cold and cynical, but an object of hope to be invested in.”

“This film wants to encourage reflection on the relationship between the western world and a third world [majority world] country. Each character is struggling for a better life, but it is also the struggle of a country with the pressures of development”


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