Perspectives on Commercial Music in Port Moresby, pt.2

This Thursday May 28th, Oli Wilson, a New Zealand PhD student will be giving a seminar about his research on cultural identity and the recording industry in Port Moresby. The Seminar is part of the MAPS (Melanesian And Pacific Studies) seminar series which are public lectures held at UPNG. The Seminar will be located in the ‘language lab’ room KD 241 on the 2nd floor of the Kuri Dom building at UPNG – the room will be signposted.

Even though the seminar is academically oriented, there will be an open forum to discuss general issues concerning the music industry in PNG following the seminar. Everyone who has an interest in PNG music is invited to attend.

The title and brief abstract is as follows:

Reflections on Ethnographic Research in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

This paper will reflect on my experiences conducting extensive ethnographic research on the music industry in Port Moresby while exploring theories behind urban ethnographic and multi-sited ethnographic methodology. I will discuss how research in ethnomusicology provides a valuable perspective on these theories by presenting some preliminary results from my research on cultural identity and commercial music production in Port Moresby.”

This is a continuation from Oli Wilson’s first seminar which was titled, “Does PNG have Popular Culture? Perspectives on Commercial Music in Port Moresby“. Oli Wilson is also a musician.


9 thoughts on “Perspectives on Commercial Music in Port Moresby, pt.2

  1. Yes, thanks I downloaded it and will read it. Can you email me or post his upcoming presentation on your blog? I am interested to read what he has to say as my project will be an urban based ethnographic study.



  2. By the way – the seminar is at 3pm! i forgot to include the start time in my email to Manu… my bad!

    Finah – thanks for showing interest in my work πŸ™‚ are you Moresby based? or will you be based in Moresby?

  3. Thanks Manu!
    @ Oli, I am not in Moresby at the moment but should be back later this year to start my fieldwork. I’m doing a PhD in Social Anthropology hence my interest in your work.


  4. Ollie—Great work! Have you been in touch with Phil Hayward at Macquarie U? We worked together 15-20 years ago on the music scene in POM at that time, and he wrote about the scene then (I wrote about music video production mainly).

  5. Hi Nancy, Yip i have meet with Phil and have read everything you have (both) written on the subject, Denis Crowdy (also at Macquarie) has also published on the subject, but not much research has been done in POM for a while (in any soc/anth areas mind you), especially since home-based production houses have revolutionized the scene. Where are you based nowadays?

    Finah – where r u based now? I leave POM in one week (via ICTM in Africa) and will be heading back to Aotearoa NZ to write up my thesis in July.

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