The SMS BuyPower Service

By Emmanuel Narokobi

So thought I’d just jot down some quick notes on DataNets SMS initiative, the BuyPower Service.

  • The service allows users with a Digicel phone (they will get to B Mobile eventually once their network can support the features) to purchase Esipay electricity for the meters using airtime.
  • Currently, the purchase price is restricted to be between K10 – K20 ie. K11, K12 … will work.
  • There is a two step process. The first step allows the user to check and confirm that the meter number is indeed the one they are buying for; The Second step is to confirm the process.
  • Once the transaction is successful, then the user will get a SMS text message with the TOKEN Number (usually 16 digits but not always). All this is conducted in real-time.
  • If there are any problems then the user can call either the Digicel Help desk or the PNG Power Help desk.

The correct string to use is : *775*MeterNo*Amount#


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