Settlement Dwellers Discover Art Skills

7/6/09, Sunday Chronicle – by Omae Koake

A visiting Australian artist is taking the best paintings produced at a Port Moresby settlements community arts education workshop to display in his country.

The arts education workshop was conducted in the 8 mile settlement this week and was themed, “Looking Within”. The art workshop was an educational programme sponsored by the Law and Order Sector through AUSAID funding and is facilitated by a handful of Theatre Arts Lecturers  for the University of Papua New Guinea. The main objective of the workshop was to educate the participants from the settlement to do away with wasteful lifestyles and turn to using their God given talents to make a living.

According to, Motsey David, the Workshop Team Leader and a Lecturer in Theatre at UPNG, his team of facilitators want to use this workshop as a vehicle to change the perception of the settlement people to look beyond everyday paid jobs like PMV buses, tucker boxes and so on and to look within themselves to harness their creative talents to make money. Because many of the settlement dwellers are unemployed and lack an employable educational background he encouraged these participants to have a keen interest in the arts and to look at ways of making money through the arts. The workshop gave the participants an opportunity to explore the different areas of the arts such as music, painting, dancing, craft, storytelling and performing drama.

The participants were also privileged to have 2 international facilitators in the likes of Australian, Sean Davey, a professional photographer and Freddie Bryant, a musician from the US. Sean Davey told the Sunday Chronicle that he was working with Motsey David to take photographs of the different areas and aspects of Papua New Guinea. He said that he would be holding an exhibition of his photographs in March 2010, at the Monash Gallery of Arts in Melbourne. Sean Davey would also be taking the best art produced at the workshop back to Australia to display there.

About 200 participants attended this workshop which ended on Friday, 5th June.



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