An Evening with Andrew Lloyd-Webber



8 thoughts on “An Evening with Andrew Lloyd-Webber

  1. funnily enough, I thought the flyer said Andrew Lloyd – Webber was going to the Arts Centre….fool.

    Looks like so much phun!

  2. Just got back from watching the play. I enjoyed Tidman’s performance during ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’

    If you don’t know who he is, he’s the PNG guy in the Able Computing ads on EMTV.

    1. Ah tiddy…tiddy…tiddy…Classic Actor…One of the popular long running names in PNG Theater…Hey Able add? Isnt that me on the Able add now? Tiddy was yonks ago…maby if you said that peanut butter add it would click….Hehehehe…..

      1. Oh sorry, my Bad yes okay the Peanut Butter ad :)…and Iggi you’re not a bad performer too! I liked you’re singing parts best!

  3. An Evening With Andrew Lloyd webber proudly supported by The British High Commission, Protect, EMTV, Taubmans, Post Courier, the National and of Course….MASALAI COMMUNICATIONS…

      1. Hi Emmanuel

        Well it smy first ever Musical…so i guess I will be able to harness my talents better in the next coming plays…Yes it is good to see Nationally owned companies supporting the arts In PNG. iF mASAlai can do it, I dont see why others cant!!! Keep up the Good Work!!!


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