8 thoughts on “Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery – Part 2

  1. M. There could be a design intellectual property issue here ie you could have a claim for compensation for (a) use of your design and (b) using a design you created without your consent and (c) and loss of business to you by confusion with the general public over which business that design represents – yours or theirs? (d) you may have to change your longstanding design because they can permeate/flood the market much easier than you can and in doing so water down the effectiveness of the image in relation to your business.

    Tingting tasol.

  2. Manu,

    Kymberley’s right. I’ve seen similar incidents happen at corporate level in developed countries – you need to keep tabs on this, just in case.

    Luckily enough, it’s PNG and an emerging market. The competitive space within developed markets is extremely minute and such cases, including the above, could seriously be addressed via legal action.

    I think you’ll be safe – given that 1) Masalai and Telecom are within two different markets, and 2) You’ve already established your brand equity – it’s only a matter of creating and adding more value to that brand.

    However, if Telecom for some reason down the track decides to diversify and enter into the same market as Masalai…

    Em mak blo bel hevi nau…


  3. Its not an actual rip off so I don’t want to get into anything legal. I’m not accusing bemobile of anything here and yes it may have some implications on the effectiveness of my brand, but I’ll wait and see how my clients and prospective clients react to it first.

    I guess there are advantages and disadvantages in a similar look, but I’ll wait and see.

  4. The logos are distinctly different and could not be mistaken for one another. So no conflict – and no legal stuff should be contemplated. The Masalai one is better in concept but needs a more professional touch I think.The Bemobile one reminds me of a broken hotplate off an electric stove and although I understand there is supposed to be some basis on a png necklace or shell .. the link is tenouous. I think the Bemobile logo had potential but the font is too ordinary. Its like a first year design class effort. Only my opinions of course.

  5. And now “niuwavemediapng” is establshing itself in PNG (a Fiji company – see niuwavemedia.com) with yet another variation on the electric cooker element – this time wearing a topical swine flu mask.

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