Saul Skypes his Dad in Abu Dhabi

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Several weeks ago at a Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce & Industry breakfast, I asked Telikom CEO Peter Loko if they were looking at Skype or more specifically VOIP, he answered that yes they were looking into it. Not sure when it may come to surface for us, but people like Brian Hull of Century 21 who also voiced his love for the medium at the breakfast is among many others who would like to see more of its use in future. So for example uses for business could be:

  • Skype to bemobile (and/or Digicel), or
  • Skype  to landline phones in PNG, or
  • Skype to landlines/mobiles internationally so that Telikom can catch some of this business traffic and in doing so giving Telikom the obligation to provide quality in these VOIP transmissions.

Funnily enough it was Brian Hull who introduced me to Skype way back in 2002. I use it allot for work with my sub-contractors but this morning I just beamed with a smile that stretched from ear to ear when I came into my office. And who did I find, but my nephew Saul on Skype to his Dad in Abu Dhabi. I just had to take pics for you all to see. Now this is technology enhancing life!!


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