Venue Central

This is just a note to advise of our exciting new feature which was launched today – Venue Central.

Venue Central is an online application specifically for event organisers to help them find the right venue for their next event.  Venue Central is a database driven website which has information on venues that have listed with us.  The information includes, venue name, location, description of facilities and contact details.

The unique feature of Venue Central is that a visitor can search by name, location, event category type and a more advanced search facility where an user can search by venue facilities in a particular location.  Search results are available in real time so PNG time is not applicable.

Being online means that the information is accessible anywhere, anytime.  The best thing about accessing information in the database is that it is FREE to users.

The link is:

On Mobile and Blackberry

For the business person and tech savvy, there is a mobile phone (internet) and Blackberry version which means that you can hunt for venues on the go!

Venue Central came about as a result of many emails being received by organisers of events and simply businesses/organisations wanting to host a one off event.

The BONUS for the mobile phone is that a the contact details for a venue has a telephone link to it which means that when clicked on the mobile, the mobile should automatically call the number!  No remembering the number and typing the number on the keypads – just a simple click!

The Mobile Phone/Blackberry link is:

We’re trying to make venue finding easy and Venue Central is the place to go to when looking for a venue.


Venue finding made easy!

Roselyn & Mea Vai

Skerah Agencies

Tel: +675 7203 0027

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