Digicels Web Stik

web_stikConnect anywhere in PNG with Digicel Mobile Web Stik starting from K120 a month.*

  • Data Plan Bronze (20Mb bundled data + K35 monthly fee)
  • Data Plan Silver (100Mb bundled data + K120 monthly fee)
  • Data Plan Gold (500Mb bundled data + K300 monthly fee)
  • Data Plan Platinum (1Gb bundled data + K580 monthly fee)

*All plans have an Excess (out of bundle) rate of K1.99 per Mb. Digicel Terms and Conditions apply.


8 thoughts on “Digicels Web Stik

  1. Hi,

    When you say anywhere in PNG… is that anywhere where there’s currently Digicel mobile reception? I went to the Digicel’s website and was not able to find any reference to the “web stik”. You got a URL there with additional info?


  2. Save your money. Telikom is rolling out in early July CDMA based EVDO – greater download capacity at a cheaper price. There are already 300 in trials in Port Moresby and Lae and it is faster than ADSL.

  3. Thanks yumi yet, I actually had a chance to see it live at a breakfast with Peter Loko and yes I did note it to be of a comparable speed as my ADSL.

    I will be very keen to see how they both compare and also how it will effect the business of the existing ISP services of Datec, Daltron, Global etc…

  4. but when I go to a Digicel area like Nth Buka, will I get coverage?
    Has Telikom a coverage map?[actual and planned]

    regardz .. j

  5. Im a couple of months late posting this but just looking back at it, K580 for 1GB of Data per month??!!! Is Digicel for real?!
    That is just too much to pay for internet usage. If im correct, the 1GB includes both uploads and downloads and how long it lasts depends on the usage of the user, but I must say paying over half a grand is not worth 1GB.

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