PNG Music Questionaire, 2009 we pass the half way mark in 2009, I just wanted to get some ideas about the whos, hows, wheres and whats of PNG Music.

The RokRok Music facebook group was started because we love our PNG music and seeing that our membership is fast approaching 200, we wanted to see how we could perhaps improve and expand on what little we have started. Whether we do it by ourselves, or it is done by others or as joint projects with others in the PNG music industry, we have allot of room for growth in this industry.

Our hope is that if we can learn from the audience, then we can begin to shape the music industry the way we want to see it done as a collective movement by everyone not just in PNG alone but across the region as well.

If you can, cut and paste the questions below to an email and send your answers to


1. Where in PNG and Australia would be the best cities and venues to hold live PNG gigs?

2. Who would you like to see at the moment?

3. Do you like big events or small events?

4. From what you have seen does PNG have a variety of musical styles, if so what styles do you recognize?

5. What is your favourite genre of music?

6. Would you pay K100 a ticket if it meant a quality show? (or if you’re outside PNG, how much would you pay to see a PNG act?)

7. How do you currently get/enjoy your PNG music?

8. What do you use to listen to your music?

9. Do you use your mobile phone to listen to music?

10. What country are you based in?


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