Pukpuks beat Cook Islands 29-21

https://i2.wp.com/photos1.blogger.com/blogger2/7674/1112324660286409/220/gse_multipart48426.jpgAs the Rugby World Cup in 2011 approaches again, our PNG Pukpuks are once again on the qualifiers trek to get into the World Cup competition.

We’ve been progressing steadily in the Oceania Round having beaten Vanuatu 86-12 last week and this week beating the Cook Islanders 29-21. The Pukpuks now leave for Samoa today to play against them in what will be a 2 game qualifying series.

The Pukpuks will have to beat Samoa in both away and home games for us to make it into Pool D of the World Cup competition. Pool D currently has Tier 1 teams South Africa, Wales and Fiji who are waiting for the winners from the Oceania region and the African region.

Saturdays game against the Cook Islands proved that skill and fitness went a long way beyond size. Our backs perhaps could have done with a bit more ball possession to get across the line because the Cooks Islanders really had no answer to our backline. But as always the Samoans will be another level up and we wish our boys the best of luck in making history for PNG.



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