The Joyce Meyer show in PNG

By Emmanuel Narokobi

The Joyce Meyer Ministries traveling show has arrived in PNG and I was out at Sir John Guise stadium yesterday to have a look at Next of Kin Productions setting up of the huge stage which is just one of 3 which will be running from the 24th to the 26th of July. In the way of faith I’m a catholic, although a spiritually poor one at the moment and I know I gotta lift my game in that area, but the flesh has been too weak many a Sunday mornings just to get to church. But if faith can move mountains then right now faith has brought us a private jet flying, multimedia, multi-staged, multi-screened, multi-million kina concert extravaganza and all for the people for the price of nothing. All they want are your souls, well I shouldn’t put it that way, but all they want is for you to take part in their brand of faith.

I must admit I have on occasion stopped to listen to Joyce Meyer and her ‘wan-wok’ in Christ Creflo Dollar. Their brand of faith has made me listen and it is actually quite inspiring in that you are told that God wants you to be  holy and if you do then you open yourself to the Lords  blessings and so you can actually lead a prosperous life and in the light of the lord. I’ve come to learn recently that there’s actually a name for their brand of teachings and its called ‘Prosperity Theology‘. Simply put a religious teaching that God desires material prosperity for those he favors. Material prosperity in this theology not only includes financial prosperity but success in relationships and good health as well.

Now I’m not going to discuss the theological aspects of their teachings because I doubt that I’m qualified to do so, but what I have always been attracted to with these teachers of Prosperity has been how on a media level they have seemingly perfected a business model which could only work if you had a spiritual following. Make no mistake about it, these evangelical churches are media conglomerates and Joyce Meyer Ministries alone has a global presence of 15 international offices. Joyce Meyer’s radio and television show airs in 25 languages in 200 countries. She has written over 70 books and has a website with podcasts, streaming video and an online store.

So I would be interested to see how her visit effects the sales of religious music and DVD’s in the country, which in the end makes sense when you think about how such a media conglomerate would sustain itself. Yet I still doubt that coming to PNG would make a profit for her, not because we’re not interested in her but simply because the supply chains in the industry have not been set up appropriately for her to maximise her media presence in the country.

Imagine if all those Kundu Cards were Visa Debit Cards and Telikom’s X’cess and Digicel’s Web Stik had been launched some 12 months ago. You’d have a craze going on with downloads of music, and online purchases of DVD’s and books. Imagine if you have video enabled on bemobile and digicel mobiles, hell someone all the way in Southern Highlands would be able to tune in and watch the Ministry concerts happening live in Port Moresby.

The thing is I’m simply a media freak and the closest thing I beleive we will come to a full on media onslaught will not be some international singer coming to PNG but a Teleevangelist like Joyce Meyer. The Church brought us soul, R’N’B and rock’n’roll maybe soon it will bring us multi-media religious salvation and in doing so pave the way for a new way to reach the masses in a developing world. Whether its comforting or scary that’s another arguement, but I’m just simply amazed at the scale of her visit.

And for those of you that think she’s all about the ‘Benjamins’, you can make your own judgements by checking out her Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability approved financials and annual reports on her website. Actually speaking of money and getting back to the true purpose of Joyce Meyers visit, her website says that they will be praying in PNG for the leaders of this land to seek righteousness and the guidance of God in the affairs of this nation. I think I’ll go along on the weekend to help with the prayers.

17 thoughts on “The Joyce Meyer show in PNG

  1. Thanks Manu. Benn Hinn promised the late PM Bill Skate in ’97 that we would have a 24hr Christian Television Station and nothing has happened to date. I’ll just be observing at the sidelines. It’s amazing how evangelization or preaching the gospel can make some people filthy rich…

  2. hey solo, I wouldn’t say making money they way they do is ‘amazing’ its really about having a passion for something and having a business plan on how to realise it.

  3. religion is no longer the same it is now a very strategically formuated business that earns an income

  4. Hey Tonny, religion like any other big organisation has always been about strategy and financial sustainability. How else do you get a 100,000 people to attend a weekend long concert for free?

    BTW, Joyce Meyer is actually quite inspiring if you take the time to listen.

  5. Hi Emmanuel,
    Thanks for this. I used to follow Joyce Meyer but she was broadcasting early in the day and you know, spirit emi willing tasol bodi emi wik liklik. I am wondering about her beginnings. People who want to have a life of ease and luxury, pursue it with a passion. It could be music, movie acting etc – the bottom line is how many people share that passion and who will most definitely pay. When people pay they expect the best of whatever it is you’re handing out. If it appeals to them or the targetted group finds it is useful and beneficial well there you go – they’ll fork out whatever it takes. On the other hand, look at this this way, God has a part in this, He touches loves through vessels like Joyce Meyer. May God bless Papua New Guinea.
    Mi tasol

  6. Hi Mari, I absolutely agree. Even Joyce Meyer said on the night that you shouldn’t be jealous of someone else’s success if you yourself are not willing to do what they did to get to where they are.

    I don’t think I have ever seen such a public huge gathering in PNG and at night too with so many people in the city out there just enjoying the night without trouble. Whether you’re religious or not, you have to appreciate the power of something there which enables half a city to congregate peacefully for a spiritual cause.

    It’s humbling yet encouraging to think that maybe somewhere within us PNG’eans some sense and maturity can be brought out if we can tap it somehow.

  7. LOL..yeah, she said even if you’re not employed get out and clean up the trash around your house and the neighborhood.

    Maybe she was sub consciously getting us to clean up the city with Powes Parkop 🙂

  8. hi emmanuel it was just my opinion………enjoy the messages……..will try to get myself around it……….

  9. If we can take the argument about pursuing your passions and profiting from them, I want to say that in each and everyone of us there is a richness that just needs to be tapped. Sometimes a conversation, a TV programme, a radio broadcast, a magazine or newspaper article can inspire you. I am always encountering this. The secret is to listen to yourself think! Hmm that takes some energy believe me. But when you listen and say to yourself, ‘what do I have that will help others and help me’ – prepare for the avalanche of ideas! I use this method when I write songs eg. ‘Motuan Coastline’. That inspiration came to me when I was sitting in a restaurant overlooking the beach, swaying coconut trees and just a prevailing tranquillity on the southwest coast of Barbados (the Caribbean) in 1998. I guess the rest is history. Just going back to you saying how peaceful it was – remember 1991 SP Games in PNG – I could only imagine that that was how it felt during Joyce Meyer’s visit.
    I think by commenting your blog is kind of ‘unofficially’ registered on my blogsite:

    Thanks for the news, pics etc. This is one of my favourite sites to browse and catch up on news and mutual friends and interests.


  10. Wow, so you wrote that song, very nice!!! Yeah I always thought your lyrics were allot more thoughtful than most. But yes indeed inspiration can come from anywhere.

    Yes Joyce Meyer was like the SP Games in some ways in terms of the size, but allot quieter I think and more serene. And perhaps more reflective rather than outward expressions of nationalism.

    Just checked out your blog, good work keep it up and thank you for your kind words about this blog. I’ve also added my self as a follower on your twitter page.

  11. Brilliant! Thanks for the compliments too. Yes, still building and working on content etc. It takes getting use to this new online technology. I used to communicate with family and friends – about almost 5 years ago with a monthly newsletter but I think blogging is taking the newsletter to another level. Great, I love my twitter page too. I joined via my organization which is kind of cool because on the twitter you can see the headlines. Thank you for staying in touch.

  12. Well instead of saying its prosperity Gospel, you should know your bible, and it says that Jesus died that we would have life in abundance. (LIFE – all areas), it also says he wants to prosper and be in good health.
    Why critics who do not know Christianity at all, ASSume you know. I call you guys JEALOUS.
    Do you think us Christ followers never have problems? IF you listened to Joyce or others you’d know they have in their life some problems. But God, whom we believe in the Bible heals us. Gives us direction. Guides us. NEVER do we say w/ are w/o sin or issues. The bible says we will have trials and tribulations.
    Just because we get blessed people call us followers of money – in Gods name. Should Christ followers only life in poverty and shame and disgust ? Should we live with rags on? eat pbj all the time? and if we did then all you same kinds of people would say “where is YOUR GOD to take you from such a mess”.. its that old saying, Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!” I, like Joyce and others, will follow Jesus in spite of you naysayers and bamoaners! Read the Bible, seek after Jesus cuz he loves you too. Get the real story and don’t throw stones.

    1. Jesus Follower,

      Yu save pinis…..Mi wanbel waitaim yu.

      Stap isi,say what has to be said and leave the rest to Papa God.Em save long start blong life and pinis blong life.Tell them what the scripture has said and then you start to pray for them.Let God do the ‘fighting’ for you; your job is to – pray and pray and pray……………..
      Whether people like it or not GOD is real,and so is Jesus the Christ!!.

      Let God deal with them….

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