Adieu all ye PNG fateful

By Emmanuel Narokobi

These are indeed strange times, suddenly news is not the news I used to know. Just today I heard that AAP had asked its PNG reporter to put down its very very young blog which is, well dead now. His last post read:

“Due to unpopular demand this is the last post. Sadly Papua News Guinea is to die a very premature death due to AAP concerns the 30 per day who daily read it are undermining the nature of their news service. That and they may be liable for some law suit due to the author’s unchecked behaviour. It was but brief. Adieu all ye PNG fateful”.

Okay I can understand that he has an employer to report to, but he’s digging up some great stories at the moment and some real issues at that. Here’s one that should have hit the front page in Australia.


Cockfighting Carbon Trading Australian Horse Trainer in PNG

PORT MORESBY, July 16 AAP – A former Australian horse trainer who ran a Philippines cock fighting business is involved in carbon deals central to an inquiry into Papua New Guinea’s suspended climate change boss.

Kirk William Roberts denies any wrongdoing in his carbon dealings in PNG and claims former business associates are running a smear campaign against him.

“I am a loveable larrikin,” Roberts said from his Port Moresby home.

“I’ve done nothing wrong, we’re doing good things.

“I am the most beneficial foreigner to this country (PNG) right now.”

But Roberts’ role in a series of carbon deals is now at the crux of PNG’s carbon trading woes that includes an investigation in Dr Theo Yasause’s role as director of the country’s Office of Climate Change (OCC).

Yasause gave Hong Kong based company Forest Top and Roberts, a director of another company called Nupan PNG, an official mandate to trade carbon after Roberts locked in local landowners for potential carbon deals.

But documents show Yasause issued the mandate when he was the PNG prime minister’s chief of staff, signing documents as interim director of OCC on May 12, 2008, one month before he was officially appointed director.

The documents show Yasause allowed Roberts to go to the world market offering lucrative carbon credits in PNG.

On the same day Roberts and Yasause also signed a memorandum of understanding with Forest Top director David Leamey to facilitate international carbon credit deals.

Forest Top then gave Australian company Carbon Planet the exclusive rights to broker the credits and provide technical and scientific input to verify the credits.

Forest Top was to be the body that distributed carbon credit sale proceeds to the stakeholders like Nupan, Carbon Planet and landowners.

An Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) document shows Carbon Planet last year gave $1.2 million for projects in PNG which were associated with Nupan and Forest Top.

Carbon Planet literature predicts the global voluntary carbon market will be worth around $US9.9 billion-$US17.1 billion ($A12.5 billion-$A21.5 billion) per year by 2012, with the global compliance market worth up to $US2 trillion ($A2.5 trillion) by 2020.

Carbon Planet chairman Jim Johnson said they still stood by their PNG deals but declined to comment further.

The deal between Yasause and Roberts’ company Nupan became public last month, and as PNG does not have any carbon policy nor legislation for such ventures, the PNG government sidelined Yasause and launched a full investigation into the OCC.

The prime minister’s media secretary Betha Somare said any of the deals struck were not valid. The new acting director of the OCC, Wari Iamo, is expected to make a similar statement this month.

“As Nupan (PNG) Trading Corporation is the power-of-attorney for numerous incorporate land groups, it is inappropriate for us to comment on any media speculation at this time,” Roberts said.

Nupan and Forest Top are now in dispute and Leamey and Roberts are locked in various legal battles over wide ranging allegations centred in the Philippines, where Roberts is under investigation by the Philippine immigration department.

“I want nothing to do with carbon credits and nothing to do with Kirk William Roberts,” Leamey said.

Roberts, equally as frosty in his opinions of Leamey, was involved in what is considered the Philippines’ national sport of cock fighting, running an operation in Olongapo, 130km northwest of the capital Manila.

“Cock fighting in the Philippines is the equivalent to pokies in Australia,” he said.

Roberts said jealous cock fighting rivals, former business partners and competitors were running a smear campaign against his efforts to help PNG.

That smear campaign includes details of his time as a thoroughbred trainer in NSW, when his horse Yobro won the 1997 Auckland Cup and came second in the Brisbane Cup the following year.

But in March 2002 NSW Thoroughbred Racing Board stewards charged Roberts for verbally threatening his vet, Dr Darren Gibbins, during a December 2001 telephone call.

Roberts was given a six months disqualification after being found guilty of asking his vet to withhold records from an inquiry.

Previously Roberts had a six-month ban for administering a prohibited substance to a racehorse.An ASIC prosecution report for July to September 2007 shows Roberts also was fined $2,800 under the Corporations Act for failing to assist liquidators and failure to provide reports to the liquidator.


You can visit Kirk Roberts blog CarbonoWontok here. And looks like he’s quite busy working on his carbon trading deals which you can read about here.


6 thoughts on “Adieu all ye PNG fateful

  1. It is a great shame that the AAP blog em pinis nau. I would like to thank and applaud good journalism and, as was aptly stated, there is a boss to be appeased, when good research and tenacity is stunted it is more than a shame. Many a crime will slip.

    1. For the record,
      David John Leamey was employed by Kirk Roberts.
      He left the bar February 2008, I have seen his document to the NSW law society to with draw, so that he could work for Roberts.
      He was given instructions by ‘Roberts’ accountants to structure companies in Hong Kong which Roberts paid for,those instructions were then inforced by the Hong Kong Accountants.
      Leamey then set the companies up in Hong Kong and went against the instructions from Roberts and Accountants and imposed dummy Chairmans and directors to the 3 companies of Roberts.
      Leamey then forged Roberts name in corrospondence to HSBC Hong Kong to create bank accounts as his personal credit rating was poor.
      Roberts negotiated 1.2 million with Carbon Planet for project funding, Leamey then miss appropiated those funds for his own benifiet.
      Criminal charges are being sort by Fillipino prosecuters for early 2010 and all evidence as written is with the Olongapo City courts for any corrospondence.

      Leamey has invested a large sum of the said 1.2 million dollars in the Philippines through the dummies and his wife who is a major link to the crimes.

      Ilya Gridneff has created media hype and expectations from evidence from Leamey.
      Ilya has won a award from mischievious corrupted information from David Leamey, apparentley a seperate criminal case is in progress in the Philippines with Ilya as the second defendant.
      I will report to this blog with any new progress of events and when the criminal charges are laid.

    1. The Australian organisation Associated Press who employ Ilya have a difficult situation on their hands.
      The complaints regarding Mr David Leamey from Mr Kirk Roberts through his attorney have been reconised and several charges will be fore coming.
      It is difficult to understand how Mr David Leamey an attorney himself has created such a trail of submissions that actually do make any sence and has tried to confuse the legal system in the Philippines, and Ilya has used this as media information to write articles.
      In fact we wonder if Ilya will now still have a day job when the Philippine press a delivered the true facts.

  2. Information received today from the Philippines that Sydney Lawyer David Leamey ‘s wife her sister his mother inlaw and 2 cousins were arrested and jailed in the Philippines.

    The mother inlaw and one of the cousins are the dummy directors that Leamey used to steal Roberts 3 Hong Companies and project funding.

    Leamey has been busy arranging bail this week.

    The relations have given information to the Police and Prosecutors of Leamey’s corrupt antics.

    David and Janice Leamey are defendants in civil case no.249-0-08 Regional Trial Court Olongapo City Philippines this month, which I have been told is 1 of many cases fore coming.

    The Prosecutors office will start to prepare criminal charges after studying the evidence that has been provide by Leamey.
    Roberts has a long list of crediable witnesses.

  3. David John Leamey stands trial today in the Philippines for defermation damages , for tying to create several fraudulent criminal cases against his employer.Evidence was noticed today that Mr Leamey used Kirk Roberts name to the HSBC Hong Bank bank to also create bank accounts for himself and his ‘dummie’ directors, where he directed project funding to his personal account and accounts of three stolen companies.
    Evidence has also been sighted from Mr Leamey’s own emaill address and by his own omission that he delivered information to AAP Illya Gridneff to support Gridneff’s sensational ‘scandolus ‘ PNG stories in which he proudly won an award.
    The stories also created havoc in the Office of Climate Change and the PNG Government.
    The Trial resumes on the November the 12th 2010 which is one of more than 6 being prepared.

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