Bemobile Cup Blog

By Emmanuel Narokobi

While we’re currently on the topic of rugby league, just discovered the bemobile Cup Blog by Chris Koma. Have a look here, which compared to the bemobile site schedule is up to date and can be seen here.

I like the fact that finally someone is taking the trouble to get coverage of the games outside of just Port Moresby. Something that our large media companies can’t even organise. This is their strategy as described in the blog:

“The Blog Team
In my efforts to do a comprehensive coverage of all games played around the country, I managed to enlist few volunteers who are willing to assist by providing content such as match reports, videos and pictures for matches played in other centers. I’m so thankful for their support. Hope this spices up the blog coz at the moment, the media is mostly covering games here in POM and not much in-depth reports for other centres.

This is the blog Team.
1. Chris Koma (Blog Administrator)
2. Ms. Iola Tamtu (Goroka Correspondent)
3. Rudolf Powih (Mt. Hagen Correspondent)
4. Esau Mellie (Rabaul Correspondent)
5. Stanford Mul (Madang Correspondent)
6. Ms. Faye Lalo (POM Correspondent)
7. [Wabag Correspondent – TBA]
8. Waghi Shrek – [Lae Correspondent]”

Chris Koma has started a great initiative here and you can contact him below to give him your support or encouragement:

The Blog Admin Team can be contacted on these addresses.
Email: Blog Admin
Phone: 683 2792 / 300 5188
Website: Bemobile Cup Blog


2 thoughts on “Bemobile Cup Blog

  1. Hi Manu,
    Chris sadly passed away in Port Moresby 2am Sunday Morning after short illness.
    A very bright Papua New Guinean and blogger, he will be missed.

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