Digicel Launches DigiModems for Full Wireless Data Access


Enjoy affordable wireless internet access anywhere using a DigiModem

Digicel, PNG’s Bigger, Better Network has launched the new DigiModem on the PNG market that offers its customers unlimited wireless data access anywhere in the country and to most locations overseas at affordable rates.

The DigiModem is a USB Dongle that a customer can easily connect through Plug-n-Play installation via pre-configured network access settings on their laptops or PCs to enjoy wireless internet.

Digicel is offering rate plans to its corporate and postpaid customers with plans starting from K35 per month.

Digicel CEO John Mangos said that having a DigiModem is very convenient for people who are constantly traveling and want to have access to internet anywhere, anytime without having to go to an internet café or wait around until work hours to go into cyberspace.

“DigiModem is all about having internet access anywhere in PNG across a reliable network, and DIgicel just about sums it up, being PNG’s bigger better network and your number one service provide,” Mr. Mangos said.

With a DigiModem, subscribers are offered full Mobile Wireless Data Access in PNG and internationally where Digicel has GPRS data roaming partners like Australia, China, Fiji, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA and Vanuatu.

To be able to use the  DigiModem, a subscriber’s laptop/PC must have a 500MHz with a 64 bit or higher processor, 2.0 USB port and a hard drive with 350MB available space.

Specified operating systems required for the DigiModem are:

  • MS Windows XP, MS Windows Vista and/or Mac OS 10.4 or newer.
  • The DigiModem is available from Digicel stores for K349.

4 thoughts on “Digicel Launches DigiModems for Full Wireless Data Access

  1. In AU, planning to visit PG later this year [Buka]. what are the requirements to be able to use this [apparently] marvelous improvement in comms? Not too keen on post-paid. Is there a prepaid version?

    thanx and regardz .. jaymz

    ps: keep up the good work, Emmanuel! Always worth reading!

  2. K35 per month for how much quota MB??..I refuse to be disappointed in my hopes that this might be for unlimited download..TPNG as well..heard it was about K85 or something for 100MB each month..don’t really check out the papers so not too sure. There’s the plan per month for fixed quota and on top of that is charge per access MB..and besides all the charges there’s the quality of service again..practically, what kind of speeds are we looking at?..it says capable of 3MB max download speed but that’s probably theoretical and most likely in the case where there’s good optimization of bandwidth or in the event that you’re one of very few using the service..otherwise congestion, poor system design and you’re waiting half an hour minimum to an hour or two for a lousy couple of MB update for AVG or Avast or something….the day they open the market, competition comes in and businesses and leaders concern themselves with providing honest and affordable services for the simple Papua New Guinean..will be one of hopefully many when PNG takes a big step forward for the better development of this country. Every other developing and pacific country looks to be moving forward progressively and PNG feels like for every tiny step forward, there’s 2 leaps backwards to counter and hinder whatever progress we make..this stinx..TPNG, Digicel and ISP’s..access MB quota elsewhere is less than 10t and they got $50 (>K100) prepaid unlimited downloads for a week and its pretty quick to!!!..na yumi??Don’t understand the nitty gritties of it all but for customers..wouldn’t that be a wonderful prospect..

  3. can you give the process of setting up a web browser (internet explorer, mozilla firefox, netscape navigator, etc) so that it can detect the modem?

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