‘Dear Aunty’ @ Darwin Festival


With Tattoo, Dogs teeth, Gowns, Coconut oil and Torch light

Sunameke Productions latest show Dear Aunty debuts at this years’ Darwin Festival

How do Hapakasi, Afakasi, Afa, Mixed Race Islanders manage many worlds?

Sunameke gathers its stories for Dear Aunty from surveys sent out through facebook and YouTube and brings it together in dance and music.

These tales of acceptance are delivered with a soft punch and a wicked smile..


Julia Gray, (Mekeo Australia), Director Sunameke Productions

Julia Quinn (Philippines Irish), Professional dancer and dance educator Quinn adds her sharp dynamic movement style enriched with Filipino style to the mix.

Yola GRAY (Mekeo Australia), with passion and precision her Island styles run deep and in sunameke’s own circles has become known as the hard drive.

Justine Maxwell (Papuan Philippines Spanish American), like a river of heartfelt joy her dance brings a balancing lightness to a true mix of culture.

Original Music:

James Mangohig (Philippines Dutch). Mangohig makes music that incorporates both his own personal musical journey and the love of Filipino culture.

Video Survey – Sosefina Fuamoli (Samoa Australia) Monique Moffat-Croft (Manus British) Ranu James (Motu Australia) Katrina Sonter (Manus Australia) Heta Crombie (Maori British)

Face Book Survey – With participants as far as New York and as close as next door.

  • When and Where?
  • Date: 22 -23 August
  • Time: 8pm
  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Venue: Brown’s Mart Theatre
  • Book: 8980 3333
  • Price: $20/$15

Take a Sneak Peek:

2 thoughts on “‘Dear Aunty’ @ Darwin Festival

  1. Thanks for this Manu,
    Amazing line-up! Brilliant – wish I were there. My very best wishes to the artists. Power the them!

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