Time for Change is Now

http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:XB1U2LZcIm2d9M:http://www.solomontimes.com/news/images/Sogavare%2520should%2520keep%2520out%2520of%2520PNGs%2520politics%2520Sir%2520Mekere_2_250s.jpgSir Mekere Morauta makes his case for a change:

“Scandals, corruption, gross financial mismanagement and the dismal failure to provide services have caused people to lose confidence in the Somare Government.

The Opposition and a number of parties in Government together declare that we are ready to form a new Government. We also call on MPs with the true interests of our nation at heart to join us and form a Government of Integrity and Service.

We urge the public to call on their elected Members to join us to put our nation back on the road to progress.

The new Government will have three guiding principles:

  • We will govern honestly and fairly.
  • We will manage wisely and professionally.
  • We will put the people and the nation first.

The new Government will have the following priorities:

  • To act immediately against the corruption tidal wave.
  • To act immediately to restore sound public financial management.
  • To act immediately to bring decent services to the people.”

Download the Opposition’s Media Campaign here.


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