Superfunds gain from bemobile

All NASFUND and Nambawan Super contributors will automatically benefit from bemobile profits as shareholders of the new joint venture once bemobile properly establishes and executes its rollout program throughout the country.

This is because NASFUND, Nambawan Super and PNG Sustainable Development Program equally share 15% interest in bemobile. Telikom has 50% interest while the overseas investors GEMS of Hong Kong and Trilogy of the United States have 35% shares in the mobile company.

bemobile’s Chief Commercial officer, Chris Raps said the profits made by the company will be paid to the various shareholders abd paid to contributors as dividends. “The choice will depend mostly on the consumer and how wise people spend their money when purchasing a mobile, as such users of bemobile will indirectly be contributing to their own retirement benefits to both the Nambawan Super and NASFUND,” said Mr. Raps. bemobile is still in the process of completing Phase three of the rollout program. This should be completed by October depending on the actual construction of towers. Mr. Raps said “Construction was in full swing in Mt. Hagen and will continue down the Highlands Highway to Goroka and then onto Lae. “The rollout project has been set in three phases in order for the network to be properly executed and delivered in the Highlands Region, Lae and in the Central province.”

The improved rollout program once completed will have a dynamic network that will deliver a very efficient service and the latest mobile phone solution to the people of Papua New Guinea. It is believed that the completion of the rollout program will escalate sales and marketing activities and generate profits for all shareholders to benefit from.

bemobile is PNG’s newest joint venture company that owns and operates the BMobile network in Papua New Guinea. It was established to upgrade and expand the existing BMobile network and build new facilities and network nationwide to compete in this important sector of the economy.


3 thoughts on “Superfunds gain from bemobile

  1. I think bemobile sounds like the b mobile we had previously which i guess was the PNG telikom. So Telikom has 50% shares in the bemobile and how about the b mobile telikom png? that sometime ago was bitter competitions with digicel.
    Well, i like bemobile cause its own , more than half, by png. i will be signing to bemobile but please tell those executives to put cheapers rates cause thats all customers are worried about. nothing else.


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