This Weekend on Pacific Pulse

one ocean – many stories

Pacific Pulse ventures beyond the headlines with feature stories from Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia that reflect contemporary life across the Pacific and recognise the strengths, hopes, achievements and aspirations of the region.

In this episode of Pacific Pulse, Bernadette Nunn joins the Australian archaeologists working with Vanuatu’s National Museum to reveal new insights into the lives of the first people to make Vanuatu their home.  They’re working on a dig not far from the capital, Port Vila, that’s uncovered the oldest cemetery found anywhere in the Pacific to date.  Clement Paligaru meets a Tongan who is a role model for Australian youth.  Alex Tui made his name as a world champion kick boxer and now inspires others in sport at a Sydney gym that’s famous for training indigenous Australian champions.  And an example of the rich cultural traditions and diversity of Papua New Guinea with dance from New Ireland province, on stage at the four yearly celebration of indigenous culture, the Festival of Pacific Arts.

Pacific Pulse will be broadcast across the Pacific in the following time zones:

  • Samoa: 22:20 on Sat 29th August
  • Cook Islands: 23:20 on Sat 29th August
  • PNG: 20:20 on Sun 30th August
  • Solomon Islands: 20:20 on Sun 30th August
  • Vanuatu: 20:20 on Sun 30th August
  • Fiji: 21:20 on Sun 30th August
  • Kiribati: 21:20 on Sun 30th August
  • Tonga: 22:20 on Sun  30th August

You can also see Pacific Pulse online with extra footage and story transcripts at:


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