New Look TPA Website

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I’m digging the new look Toursim Promotion Authority website.



4 thoughts on “New Look TPA Website

  1. Definitely a cool upgrade from their previous one. Still there are a couple of things that look a bit incomplete. e.g. The content text.

  2. kewl! I think The National newspaper finally dealt with the spyware/google blockage. They are also working on a new website. ’bout time!

  3. Just had a look at the National, a cleaner homepage look but they’ve removed all their spaces for adverts, so have they decided not to sell ad space?

    The pages are a bit dry, their logo needs revamping and they need images in the pages to break up the monotony of the text. But still I like the fact that someone has finally decided to give the go ahead to try something new. Its the only way our media companies will learn if we keep trying to push boundaries.

  4. I agree. The new TPA website rocks. I believe a firm from New Zealand thats doing up the site. I think there site recieves something like 250,000 hits per month
    I spoke to some of the guys at TPA and they said tourist numbers dropped of last year due to the world financial crisis issue.
    I heard they are working on new classification systems for hotels (backpackers, luxury rating etc) so it should be interesting.

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