We May Need a Bigger Amphitheater

By Emmanuel Narokobi

We’ve been running the Digicel Urban Bounce dance competition for the last 4 weeks now and last week we just went through our first heats. We began the comp by running it down at Ela Beach on the basketball courts, which was very ideal but we were then advised by the ‘PNG Gardener’ crew that we could no longer use that location and that we should use the Amphitheater that had just been built.

But I don’t think the Amphitheater is big enough, here’s some pics to illustrate. These pics below was taken at the first auditions on the basketball courts.



After we were stopped from using the basketball courts we ended up moving down towards the beach. These pictures below was taken last week Sunday.



So in terms of activities down at Ela Beach for the public, I think we can do more down there but we will definately need a bigger Amphitheater.


7 thoughts on “We May Need a Bigger Amphitheater

  1. What about UPNG Open Air Theatre (OAT) next to the Botanics entrance? It’s bigger than the Amphitheather and spacious..I am sure it can accommodate the crowd but you might wanna talk to the UPNG Admin or Prof. Sumbuk to find out..just a suggestion

  2. Agree, but the organisers might need to convince “PNG Gardener”. The city definitely needs a Convention Center. What about Sir John Guise stadium?

  3. Hey Solo, Masalai is actually the organiser through http:///www.rokrokmusic.com I’ve already spoken to Sumbuk and I am waiting on a reply from him so that hopefully the OAT will be an option later this year.

    But Ela Beach is a very ideal location for the public and I guess my feelings are that it would be nice to maximise that beachside atmosphere for as many people as possible.

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