Bianca’s Independence Song’t really have plans on Wednesday, so ended up taking my sister Faith up to PAU to see one of her school friends perform a number.

I wasn’t expecting anything too exciting, but I was surprised to discover that Faith’s friend Bianca was actually a very talented young lady. She wrote an Independence song when she was in Grade 5 which she sung in the video below. She’s now in Grade 12 so I’m wondering what other musical gems she may be hiding.

Just goes to show that you never know where you may discover talent. I don’t know what her future musical plans are but she’s off to a great start. (Oh and please excuse the shaking of the camera in the beginning, I hadn’t had breakfast by then).

You can see pics of the day here and more videos here. And also check out another talented lady who sang on the day. See Marjoree’s video here.


3 thoughts on “Bianca’s Independence Song

  1. great stuff….hey bro, guys bit late yesterday with UB but geez no one was going anywhere until they saw some action…yesterdays location was better and the crowd???? unbelievable…

    by the way, Leo looked a bit different yesterday!!!

  2. Yeah..bloody Virgin lost Akay47’s luggage when I went to get him from the airport, hence the delay.

    PNG Gardener stopped us from using the basketball courts so we had to move to that new location. But it works out better I think, more shade for everyone especially with the crowd growing as big as it is.

    And yeah MC Lion aka Leo has gone AWOL so I’ll be taking over for now.

    Good to see you there though 🙂

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