The Foundation for Women and Children at Risk


Exercising Concern for Abused, Exploited and Abandoned Young Women and Children In Port Moresby


The foundation for Women and Children at Risk is a not for profit local non government organisation that was incorporated in April 2008. The foundation works mainly with marginalized groups such as women and children on the streets and settlements of Port Moresby.

The aims of, The foundation of women and children at risk are to;

a)      Create a structure that will support the community with the help and services needed to enable the poor, marginalized and abandoned young women and children on the streets and settlements of Port Moresby to become good, decent, valued and productive citizens of Papua New Guinea.

b)      Develop advocacy programs that will coerce the attention of the government and the general public onto the terrible plight of increasing numbers of urban poor in Port Moresby.

The foundation office is located within the premises of the Hohola Youth Development Centre, in Hohola, Port Moresby.

The organisation is currently staffed by an Administration officer and a Finance clerk both are on full time and part time respectively, and supported by a 7 member Board of Directors all of whom are volunteers.


The foundation supports care groups in 9 locations in and around Port Moresby. These care groups are led by a carer who has taken abandoned women and children into their care. These groups are in Morata, Hohola, 8 Mile, Badihagwa, East Boroko, Badili, and Waigani. A further six Groups are currently seeking to register with us. We think we will reach a maximum of twenty (20) Groups in 2010. Each Care Group is completely independent. Many Groups run a PreSchool. All have children enrolled in Elementary and Primary Schools. The foundation pays school fees for 200 of these children. Children are fed, receive basic medical care, clothing, etc. in the Care Groups, and older girls are given skills training to enable them to provide care to this marginalized group.

Each care group consist of 30 to 70 children and teenagers. Many of them are orphaned, disabled,poor and or HIV positive.

The Carers:

The angels are young teenage girls who have dropped out of the formal education system and are living is settlements. A number of them are assistants to the cares in their local communities. The help ranges from caring for the children to walking them to special education schools.

Our Partners:

The Foundation for Women and Children at Risk works with a number of organisations which includes;

  • World vision
  • Department of Community Development
  • Hohola special education school
  • Country Women’s Association
  • Church groups

Institutional Strengthening:

The organisation is young and still need to have a strategic plan developed to move the organisation forward. It is currently working in several areas;

  • Management and Finance
  • Care groups coordination
  • Donor and Fundraising
  • Networking and Partnership

Our Donors:

The foundation would not have been able to do its activities without the assistance of;

  • Digicel PNG foundation
  • PNG Power staff savings and loan
  • Donations from Friends and relatives in Europe

Join Us Today:

You can join us by filling out this form.


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