Apox album launch

https://i0.wp.com/profile.ak.facebook.com/object3/1931/115/n44003503225_7214.jpgWent out to Port Moresby Country Club on Saturday night to catch Apox’ album launch. This was a CHM gig and so I caught up with Apox before he went on stage to find out a little about him and his album.

Apox has been in Hawaii for the last 5 years completing a Business Management Degree and he’s done a number of Gigs with O-Shen while out there. Looks like he’ll be in PNG for 5-6 months before he sets off again to try make it on the international scene.

Shane Amean of RaitFM and the man of the hour 'Apox'

Apox was also kind enough to give us a little interview as you can see below. See him singing his first track of the night here.

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