Al Jazeera Interview with Sir Michael Somare New Guinea (PNG) has long relied on foreign mining companies for its economic development.

But a new state-owned Chinese mine is causing controversy over its operations.

An influx of mainland Chinese migrants has created discontent among locals struggling with high levels of unemployment and poverty.

In this edition of 101 East we will discuss China’s influence in the Pacific and the effects it has on the people of PNG.

Fauziah Ibrahim, our presenter, is joined by Sir Michael Somare, PNG’s prime minister, to discuss China’s growing influence in his country.


4 thoughts on “Al Jazeera Interview with Sir Michael Somare

  1. Al Jazeera International is viewable by satellite on Optus C1 (D3) on Ku band, free to air.

    (Satellite also carries Foxtel/Austar, the Aurora AUS Commercial TV lot):-

    Freq: 12367, Polarisation: V, Symbol Rate: 27800.

    Alternative is via C band on AsiaSat 3S, also free to air;
    Freq: 3760, Polarisation: V, Symbol Rate: 26000

  2. I really like this interview.
    The interviewer and the interviewee are both well informed and there was a smooth flow in the conversation.
    I have respect for our Prime Minister because he answered as honestly as he could on live television and hats off to the reporter for asking critical questions as diplomatically as possible and highlighting the global expectations of responsible politics at the global stage.

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