Masalai recruited for LNG website

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I’d like to make a big thank you to everyone in my team who have worked on our PNG LNG website job thus far. This has enabled us to go a step further now with a contract to develop a database for local suppliers and contractors to the LNG project.

The type of agreement we have signed with Esso Highlands means that we will be on call for all their website and database development work for the duration of the contract.

(Click on the image to see larger version)


23 thoughts on “Masalai recruited for LNG website

  1. Congratulations to Emmanuel and you team. Augurs well with your action statement above: acting locally, looking globally. Starting small but with the bigger picture in mind.

    This is exactly what local businesses must do if we are to stand any chance of stemming the phenomenon of ‘Dutch Disease’ that we all are concerned about.

    Time to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty instead of going around fighting company executives outside their hotel rooms.

  2. E,

    The hugest of congrats! Read the story in yesterday’s PC. Is my eyesight failing or have you put on weight bro?

    Technically it sounds like a very exciting project but reserve my opinion about the ethics behind what your newly found client does for a buck.


  3. Hearty Congratulations Manu! Well done. Lots of companies including Churches are now setting up websites…the world has changed via IT. Great work, keep it up!
    Have a great blessed day.

  4. Manu,
    traipla mama blo congrads stret from myself.
    I read it yesterday while waiting to see a doctor at PMGH and you know what, the long hours of frustration to be called up, was no longer a worry coz that news just made my moment pleasant.
    I wanted to call u right away to share my compliments if only I had your number.
    Anyway keep it going bro. You’ve done me proud and I’m so thankful for that.

  5. Thank you everyone for your heartfelt support, it means allot to us 🙂 Will do our best with this job to show what PNG has to offer.

    @Rob, yeah I have put on a few pounds lately, too much sitting in front of PC’s and not enough getting out to exercise. LOL…

  6. @E, now that you have been launched into “stardom” – you will need to watch out for the PNG “bikman” physical symptoms: round face and big belly! Nothing like Highlands garden “kaikai” and clean air to trim down that extra fat! Bigpela sori long yupela long Moresby! (Bloody K10 for a cabbage!!)

    @T I don’t believe we have ever met… how would you know how far my belly sticks out!!


  7. Your mission (if you choose to accept) is to be a “bikman” but not look like one!!


    PS. Let us know when you start walking backwards climbs!!

  8. Bigpla congrats for securing the deal………hav been asleep for a while but hey always in support of what you are doing job well done.

    Masalai deserves that!

  9. Hi E,

    Just had a squizz (1st time) at LNG website. First impressions – excellent work. Can;t wait to see what Masalai has cooked up for the new year!!


    PS. How those hill climbs going?

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