Farmers to view market produce via their Digicel phones 28th October, 2009 – Digicel, PNG’s Bigger, Better Network and Fresh Produce Development Agency (FPDA) launched a new mobile Marketing Information System (MIS) today that will enable local farmers and consumers to check fresh produce on the market.

According to FPDA, surveys have been conducted across 8 urban markets in PNG (Port Moresby, Goroko, Mt Hagen, Lae, Rabaul, Madang, Wewak and Popondetta). From these surveys, 12 main crops have been identified whose price, quality and availability can be checked by local farmers through Digicel’s Access Code 4636.

Digicel PNG CEO John Mangos said at the launch:

“Farmers benefit by having the right market information at the right time. With Digicel’s nationwide coverage, the service reaches out to a vast majority of PNG crop growers.”

FPDA chairman Fabian Chow when thanking Digicel, said the platform provides an excellent opportunity for the farmers to maximize their profit and at the same time deliver the best quality goods at the right market.

The MIS has codes created for both the named markets and the crops mentioned.

Simple steps that farmers and consumers do to obtain fresh produce information are:

  • Create new text message
  • Type code for crop  (eg: CAB for cabbage)
  • Type the word PRICE
  • Send text to 4636

A text message will be received containing information on the price of the crop in all eight (8) centres.

The MIS will be updated every Tuesday and a charge fee of 35 toea will apply to every successful SMS sent to 4636.

3 thoughts on “Farmers to view market produce via their Digicel phones

  1. Thankyou very much Digicel!

    This is an excellent example of the much talked about but poorly understood Public Private Partnership (PPP) at work.

    Digicel is providing the information platform for our farmers in the villages. The ball is now in the government’s courts to improve access to markets by continuously investing in our transport infrastructures.

  2. David,

    I certainly agree with that.
    The government lack of support for the farmers in this regard, is testament of a government that is focusing less attention to the rural populous to earn a sustainable living by means of farming.
    As you pointed out, better transport infrastructure is what we really need to function well as a society.

  3. Nice one digicel good way to exploit and make money off the poor people of png trying to make money would have given you the thumbs up if it was a free app or txt message but 35 toea for each vegetable vey funny and not to nice I hope the farmers wake up b4 their next bill

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