Rabual Mangoes

By Emmanuel Narokobi

Call it what you want, Rabual Mangoes…Carrot Mangoes…PawPaw Mangoes…hell whatever fruit or vegetable it is, its simply a great mango. Mango season is in like Flynn and I’ve now retired from the everyday Moresby mangoes because I basically grew up with them, but now that I have my own Rabaul Mango tree in my backyard I’m going crazy with it. Here’s some pics and no I haven’t been away from this blog because I’m busy picking mangoes…just been a bit busy with ‘Operation Baby Blue

My Rabaul Mango Tree by you.

My Rabaul Mangoes by you.

Mango Breakfast by you.


My Rabaul Mango Tree by you.

7 thoughts on “Rabual Mangoes

  1. Manu,

    Nice picture of the Rabaul mango – made me sala and crave for mangoes back home. Mangoes here in Australia doesn’t taste anything like the ones back home.

    Thanks again for the pic!

    West Coast

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