Jackals at my feet

By Emmanuel Narokobi

My New Kicks from Second Hand by you.

I scored these new kicks from Mondo second hand in Kone. By the Way I think that Port Moresby or PNG rather is the second-hand capital of the world. But yeah the shoes are like all leather and heavily stitched and all and they fit perfectly. But for the life of me I can’t seem to find a website for the maker of these shoes.

The brand name is ‘Jackal’ so if there are any fashion freaks out there who know the name can you direct me to a website cos I’ve never seen and worn such well made shoes.

They’re almost like a cross between a baseball glove and rugby shoes but in the form of casual sneakers.


4 thoughts on “Jackals at my feet

  1. Hi E, several false positives finally led me to a site called Clarks- http://www.clarks.co.uk. I was eventually led there after seeing this: http://www.amazon.com/Clarks-Mens-Jackal-Leather-Thong/dp/B002AU4KK4

    I browsed though the mens section I’m guessing those Jackals of yours may be from a couple season back becuase they do look smiliar to these: http://www.amazon.com/Clarks-Mens-Jackal-Leather-Thong/dp/B002AU4KK4

    I hope this was of some help


  2. Thanks illaine…no their not Clarks. I also found those links you’re referring to. All Clarks footwear has the ‘Clarks’ name branded on the soles.

    These shoes just has ‘Jackal’ written on it and the soles have written ‘Vibram‘ which is an Italian company that invented rubber soles for shoes. But nothing else. Hence my curiousness…

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