‘Love’ Your Bank

By Emmanuel Narokobi

I’ve had mixed feelings about BSP over this year and I still do, but I have to admit todays stunt warmed me up to them even if it was just for 2 minutes. So they’ve got this ‘Hug Your Banker’ promo going on where the manager between the times of 11am and 12pm goes around hugging everyone in the branch. The manager is followed by a photographer to record each hug and another bank officer to hand out goodies like chocolates, lollies, lanyards and stickers. For each hug the bank will be giving K1 to a charity.

Okay okay well it distracted me as I stood in line waiting and I do actually like my branch manager who I’ve had some beers with at Lamana, so I gave him a hug. But I still think they need to look at how to decrease their queues and to end bank charges based on percentages. Can they put in seats and have us use a Q-Matic system like ANZ?


7 thoughts on “‘Love’ Your Bank

  1. Perhaps they should also consider reducing their ridiculous fees and change their slogan to “Your Bank Loves You!” – makes more sense..

  2. I really wonder what’s the aim behind that marketing gimick……customer retention and loyalty????? cannot be based on hugs and freebies.

  3. Love your bank should be more like your bank loves you!!.. How can we love our bank when the customer services are so poor in the different branches I visited especially in Pom and Lae.

    The marketing slogan should read “love your bank and your bank will charge you more”

    Please stop praising yourself and start investing in customer services to be more customer focus bank!.


  4. yeah, what is bsp trying gain by such slogan, might i say the slogan should read “Love BSP, pay for the services”.

    Put it simple, the CEOs of BSP thought that we customers should pay more for improved services. As a local PNG bank, the people should ‘love’ their bank and make the CEO’s rich because BSP does not pay dividends.

    They just steal little by little and hope that customers don’t mind, its just a service fee.

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