New Mangrove Releases, Dec 2009

Hey Music Lovers,

Check out the flyers, stocks arriving shortly, if you are interested let me know. On arrival we will be distributing to our networks so please grab one before the stocks run out. The best pacific music we bring to you…Cheers:)


Juice & Jam Musique


Profiles of Artists

Dick & Hnatr (Former Gurejele)

Dick & Hnatr are without any doubt the most popular artists from New Caledonia. The couple was part of the “legendary” group GUREJELE, one of the spearhead of the KANEKA music, and have gone solo for the last 10 years.The success have always been there and this album proves it as it has been recorded in Paris, France, during their 2008 tour which saw them performing in the main cities of the country and getting a warm welcome from the french audience.This album includes all the hits from Gurejele and of the solo albums of the Buama couple.Songs like “Waipeipegu” and “Watolea” are still popular these days and their live versions are incredibly hot !Dick Buama was named KANEKA artist of the year 2008 at the local Awards “Les Fleches de la Musique”


The group Naio is originally from the island of Tanna, in Vanuatu.

 The band has taken over the spirit of the “Vanuatu reggae” where 90’s legendary group “Vatdoro” left it some years ago.

 For the last 10 years, Naio has been the leader of reggae in the Pacific with  great live performances and catchy tunes which are played a lot on the radio stations.

 The group has released 5 albums, the latest one “New day” certainly being their best, in term of songwriting, arrangement  and sound, so far.

 Naio has played in many places around the Pacific, Australia, New Caledonia, Solomon Islands, and is a regular at the Fest Napuan, the most popular Festival in Vanuatu that takes place in Port Vila, the capital city, every year in November and attract ten to fifteen thousand people every night for 5 days !

 Gero, the lead singer and composer is also a member of the reggae group “Sunshiners” which has performed at a lots of festivals in Europe and Canada.


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