Big, Rooted and Ripped Off

Okay guys my first whinge for this year. So Callista had some cravings for Big Rooster yesterday arvo and so I willingly obliged because I thought cool I’ll get myself an ice cream or something too. Now I dont know why but I ended up ordering a Hawaiian pack instead and she got a 2 Piece Box.

But honestly, a Kwik Kai Kakaruk packet costs like K11.00 or someting at Boroko Foodworld so how do two pieces of chicken and some bits of fried potato end up costing K15.00 or more? Please what are we paying for? Even the service is not worth it when I have to correct my drink order twice.

Someone please remind me never to eat at Big Rooster again, 1) because of the price and 2) well hell I just gotta stop eating fatty foods full stop.


9 thoughts on “Big, Rooted and Ripped Off

  1. aaaah Manu, your conscience creeping up on you or what? det wan hau? Time for good ol’ traditional competition for Big Rooster! I think it’s about time. Why don’t we form an enterprise syndicate and set up ‘Kakaruk Heaven’, ‘Chicken World’.
    Also wishing you a Preposterously Properous New Year…yeah…am so feel’ it already.


  2. E,

    You are reminded mate… you got to stop eating those fatty foods! What happened to those brisk walks up the hill? Be careful dear friend… otherwise you will end up looking like a PNG “bik man”!!


  3. LOL…thanks Mari and yeah noted Rob. I unfortunately stopped when the Operation Baby Blue project started getting busy and then Xmas came and then it was over. But I been walking at Ela Beach this week so have started again.

    Will attack my usual hill again tomorrow…

  4. Talking about fried chicken – what’s your take on the US complaints that the latest KFC Cricket ad is racist? It show an Ozzie cricket supporter calming down a group of West Indian supporters (presumably because their side is winning) by offering the a bucket of KFC fried chicken. Apparently some African Americans think this is racist. I have no idea why.

    Traditional foods are particular to all cultures and peoples (eg mumus, sushi, even pies and tomato sauce, steak and kidney pudding, Irish stew, curries) – so what? Besides the ad wasn’t making any racial references that mean anything to anyone, except perhaps to some people in a few southern US states who don’t even know what cricket is.

    By the way, there aren’t many West Indian people in Australia, and it was a local ad so I think most of the actors were from the Pacific Islands and PNG. Check it out on Youtube.

    Best ‘fast food’ I’ve ever had – and probably the healthiest – is Aigia (sorry can’t spell it) from Rabaul. Like a mini Mumu served in a banana leaf. Delicious!

    1. The KFC cricket ad being linked to racism is due to a stereotype of african americans always eating fried chicken. Basically they have drawn parallels here to “whitey” giving the “black people” a bucket of chicken as if its going to pacify them. Heh.

  5. Aw Peter,

    Now you’ve got me thinking about my favourite PNG food. Broiled kaukau in freshly made coconut milk and garnished with fresh water cress? Maybe with some pitpit and krusako. Fried bamboo shoots as a side dish perhaps?

    Then again, what about some freshly roasted Garlip nuts?


    KFC – Eat your heart out.

  6. What is a good place in Moresby to get authentic local food? The few times ive been there I was taken to eat hotel buffet or Chinese food. I want PNG food darnit!

  7. Traditional PNG food is really fantastic and healthy, My wife and I have oftern talked about starting a PNG-themed restaurant in north Queensland where you can get mots PNG fruit and veg. Do you think it would work?

    Joseph – there aren’t many “proper restaurants” in Moresby where you can get traditional food. Best bet to get great food is to invite your friends and wantoks over for a party and say you will provide the booze if they provide the food! Always worked for me – we even dug a Mumu pit in the back garden to make things easier.

    If you live in POM make friends with some of the many fishermen who come around selling their catch door-to-door- but insist that it is fresh! I remember getting some fantastic live mud crabs the day before a party. Felling sorry for them I put them in a bucket of water overnight. Unfortunately they were wrapped up in coconut fibre fronds which expanded and came untied. Next morning I went into the laundry where the bucktr was and was attacked by 6 giant and angry mud crabs who had made a bid for freedom in the night! They chased me all around the house until I managed to corner them 1 by 1 with a broomstick! My friends nearly died laughing when I told them!

    One of many great memories of life in PNG.

    PS. the crabs were fantastic cooked in coconut milk, chilies, ginger and garlic, so I got my revenge!

  8. OK. I’ll admit I am a stupid white man.

    But can someone please explain this? Cos to this day I don’t really understand the joke.

    I was in PNG for the first few months and invited some on my staff around for afternoon tea. (I know, it betrays me Pommie upbringing, but I thought it was the polite thing to do).

    So I’d prepared cakes and scones and biscuits and nibbles on little plates on the table and went into the kitchen to make the best Numbawan 1 tea. My PNG friends arrived and sat politely on the sofa and chairs and I brought put the teapot and cups, saucers, sugar etc. But I forgot the milk!

    Thinking I would be a clever clogs and exercise what little Tok Pisin I had gleaned from an old library book, I walked in with the milk jug and asked “Yupela laikim susu bilong bulimakow?”

    Unfortunately for me Tok Pisin had evolved and changed over many years since the book I’d read was written, and I was met with gales of laughter! They couldn’t stop laughing!

    So the best I have been able to work out is that I inadvertently asked them if they liked cow’s breasts! (which is pretty funny for a tea party I admit!)

    Any ideas on what I said wrong?

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