Telikom to build ‘data-superhighway’

Way back in 2004 I visited a project in NSW where they were running communications through power lines. You can read and see videos here. Telikom looks like they’re finally thinking outside the box with their latest deal with PNG Power. Its not exactly broadband in the powerlines but still anything to increase our internet penetration is welcome news. Jonathan Farapo from Post Courier has this report:

“AFTER almost 15 years of planning and negotiations, Telikom PNG and PNG Power Limited signed a agreement on Tuesday that is set to benefit Papua New Guinea and the upcoming PNG LNG project through the construction of a ‘data superhighway’. According to a statement issued by PNG Power this agreement will allow for both parties to immediately begin the project this month.

The two companies have been in long-term negotiations to run an optic fibre network from Madang to Lae and eventually throughout the Highlands region. PNG Power said the project will develop an optic fibre network on PNG Power’s power line network and tower infrastructure as part of a joint venture business strategy in telecommunications and data transmissions.

Following the signing of the deal, Telikom’s chief executive officer Peter Loko said the project is scheduled to be completed in July this year.
CEO’s from both companies confirmed that there are plans to extend the service to cater for the impending PNG LNG project. “This project will pave the way for similar projects around the country, Telikom anticipates to run a cable for the LNG project that will link Yonki in the Eastern Highlands Province to the Southern Highlands Province using PNG Power’s existing infrastructure.” Mr Loko said, the project which is estimated to cost K26 million and marks the start of preparations for PNG Power to construct, test and commission the optical ground wire using cables on PNG Power’s power network.

PNG Power’s acting CEO Lawrence Solomon said the project will provide Telikom with an opportunity to extend its services using PNG Power’s extensive network. Mr Solomon said the project will present a long term-prospect for Telikom and PNG Power to establish a connection that will benefit both companies and provide their services from Ramu to Port Moresby”.


3 thoughts on “Telikom to build ‘data-superhighway’

  1. Fish hanging on the lines? Telikom is thinking of the right ideas, but they still have not got down to basics like keeping enough stock of equipment to sell and customer service.

    Bought an X’cess phone in November last year, and after 3 calls to customer service between then and January, they finally called me last week with my username and password for internet access.

    But they first gave me a wrong number, so I called back at 5.10pm and they said I’d have to call back the next day to speak to the person assigned to me. So no service after 5pm. After calling the next day to confirm my proper number, it took them another week before they came back with confirmed details for internet access.

    I’m still trying the access details they gave me and still no luck yet. Will keep trying this week and will advise if I get on the net with the Xcess phone.

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