A Wild Orchid at the Gateway

Having a meeting with a friend and we decided to go check out the new Wild Orchid Restaraunt and Bar at the Gateway. Very impressed with the service and a very modern look and feel to the place even with orchids hanging off the walls and ceilings in the outside part of the restaraunt.

The cream walls and tiles provide the backdrop for jet black chairs, tables and shelves scattered with various breeds of orchids and the bar stools and couch have been layered with red padding. The sturdy bar of brick and marble provide a nice sitting point to stare at the top shelf drinks while you pick a dream to ponder on.

I’ll have to  bring my camera next time to take some pics but was particulary impressed when looking for a power point for my laptop when I discovered that they were all located at your feet at the foot of the wall mounted padded seats. Now someone’s thinking 🙂 (And you can buy datec surfzone cards here for their wifi service)

The swimming pool is yet to be completed so not much of a view yet, but I was told by the manager there that they aim to be the best restaraunt in Port Moresby. Well good one I say, maybe the race to provide the best restaraunt will help to train more tourism industry skills for our workers.


2 thoughts on “A Wild Orchid at the Gateway

  1. Manu,

    Sounds like POM is on the up on eateries. Great post on the ‘Wild Orchid’. Will be sure to try it out next time am in POM. Thanks for sharing your discovery. Wifi sounds great.


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